Thursday, November 10, 2022

Tiny Duffle Sew-Along

 Hello Everyone!

In the next week or so I'm going to show you the process of making Tiny Duffels.  It's a fast and simple bag to hold whatever is dear to you. It's great for travel items, sewing projects or even gift bags.

You can of course make the patterns above from the Tiny Duffels pattern. All are using Isabella prints and Isabella wovens.  Also, since the large bag takes 2 - 15" x 15" blocks and the small takes 2 - 11" x 11" blocks - you can use all the bits and bobs that you have on hand. Tiny Duffels is a great way to use those leftover blocks that you have.  

I am not a bag maker usually. I don't have different types of interfacings and such things on hand. I do have fabric and leftover batting scraps. That is all that is needed to make a Tiny Duffle. I think a Tiny Duffel made in holiday type fabric can make gift giving extra special. Not only will your recipient get a gift - they'll get a great wrapping that can be used for all sorts of things afterwards.

So - let's get started! First off, pick 2 15" x 15" pieces of fabric (or blocks or.......) for the outside of your bag.  I had leftover square-in-square pieces left over from my Adelaide quilt.  I used the extra square-in-squares to make my outside pieces.
I bet you have leftover bits like this hanging around too and I'll be back tomorrow for what's next.

The fabrics above are Isabella fabrics and are in your favorite quilt shop right now.  You'll need a Tiny Duffel pattern - and you can find both at minickandsimpson. com

Oh, and another interesting thing - it seems that the spelling of duffle or duffel are both accepted. I've gone back and forth in the spelling,  I apologize.


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