Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Blockheads 4 - Week 2


 Jenelle Kent has designed this block for us - called Cooee. You'll have to ask Jenelle what that means - and go to her blog to get the directions HERE.

My block is from a large pile of scraps I've accumulated this year and it is all Newport fabrics.

While all you folks are cutting and stitching your block - know that I am in Florida visiting Polly. I've rarely left the house in 2 years. And. I. Mean. Rarely. I believe I'll need a sunblock #2000 if I'm out in the Florida sun for more than 15 minutes.

Also, while you're stitching and blockheading away.... here are some pictures of the upcoming Isabella collection that will be in shops in September.  The new quilt patterns should be here next month.

Summer Roses



I made Summer Roses with the blue plaid sashing and the backing is particularly lovely. Thank you to Mary Andra Holmes with help on the applique and to Maggi Honeyman for the quilting.


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bountiful quilter said...

This fabric is so beautiful and I love the new quilt patterns. I'll be watching for them to be available and the Castleton Kit will definitely be coming home with me.

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