Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Catching Up in the New Year

 It's frigid today and after a morning of "chores" on the computer, I can now sit with a quilt on my lap while I hand quilt. The current quilt is a variation on the Beyond The Cherry Tree quilt (or as I like to call my version - Way Beyond The Cherry Tree). The pattern is an antique reproduction from Sentimental Stitches - which I took much liberty with.  The last applique block is now in my hoop. Then, it will be the sashing and the border. Once I get to this part I'm under the delusion I am almost done. Alas, the border is vast. 

Unfortunately, this quilt won't be finished before my next shipment of "secret fabric" is delivered and this will be put away so I can make some top-secret quilts and such. Much fun!!

AND - Newport fabric should be arriving in shops next month. This gives me another chance to let you know I have a few openings for the Blue Pear Block of the Month and pre-orders of half yard bundles.

Also, just a heads up that Belle Isle in the Minick and Simpson shop is almost gone. Right now there is limited yardage and 2 Regent Street kits,

This kit has the large pink floral as the background fabric - as shown in the first photo.

and lastly, 1 Donwell Abbey kit - the small one with the pink background.  And 1 kit of the large Donwell Abbey - with the white background

Keep safe



Robin said...

Fabulous Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt. I am in awe. You do such beautiful work

kristie said...

That applique quilt is beyond gorgeous!

Connie said...

You all are my favorite fabric designers. I have made a bunch of quilts from your fabrics. I love how all of your collections work together. Ke

Vivian said...

Saw that Gay had mentioned in her latest newsletter that you did "Cherry Tree" but didn't realize you did it in R/W/B! Love it and should have expected that! Been a big fan since making "Brrr Park" many years ago. Looking forward to doing the "Pear" BOM, looks like a fun one.

Yvonne said...

So pretty, it makes me want to make another red/white/blue quilt.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I love the way you put your Beyond the Cherry Trees together, better than the original! Hand quilting takes time but your quilt will eventually be finished and be a special quilt, happy stitching!

Sharon said...

Your BTCT is absolutely stunning.

Judy said...

Hi, I have always wondered which Bella White to use with your lines. I have purchased your Roselyn bundle. The 97 looks nice but I will need to wash all thise reds. Should I purchase the 9900-182? Thank you.

Quilts & Comforter Mum said...

Your Way Beyond The Cherry Tree design makes me think about Native American (Totem) symbols. Am I correct ? especially the second picture from the top.
Kind regards

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