Thursday, October 14, 2021

Stocked Up

 Thank you to all who pre-ordered kits for Belle Isle fabrics. All kits have been shipped.  Unpacking boxes and boxes of fabrics has allowed me to re-stock some other kits also....

There are very limited numbers of the following kits....

as of right now - there are 2 Grand Union kits in stock.

There are 2 Cherry Wreath kits in stock

1 Regent Street in stock

This also let me get some more scrappy kits in stock...

There are 4 Good Boy quilt kits in stock...

and 2 Hartfield kits left.

There are some Half Yard bundles, Fat Quarter Bundles, and Fat 8th bundles and assorted yardage. All these can be found at  

Thank you for all your support and understanding about global shipping issues. 


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