Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 16

First of all, I want you to know that the winner of the Moda Blockheads E-book is Dix In Canada 
Dix has already gotten her book.  Thank you Martingale!

A few things have happened this week.  I KNOW, can you believe it!  That is with me only leaving the house once and that was to walk the dogs (Bill likes his outdoor time with the dogs and he is the main walker).  

Quiltmania is having a sew-along and I had the 2nd block.... you can find the patterns on the Quiltmania blog

If one sew-along isn't enough.... I did the Moda Village Sew-along with the Village pattern by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co.  Once I got started, I couldn't stop.
I used Mackinac Island fabric, some Primitive Gatherings, some 3 Sisters, and some other Moda fabrics.  You can get the free download HERE.

Oh, wait.... if 2 sew-alongs aren't enough - there is Blockheads 3 - which is probably why you are here today.  This is my block for week 16.

This week's block is courtesy of Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life and you can find this pattern there.

And.... These 2 new patterns are download patterns in our Etsy shop - Hawthorne and Victorious. Both of these will use the Harbor Springs fabric collection that will ship this summer.  You can find the patterns HERE



Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 15

Good 'Ol Blockheads....... is everyone else looking forward to the new pattern each week?  I find myself trying to think ahead of the eventual setting and what fabrics I will use in the setting.  This week's block is by Corey Yoder and you can find the directions HERE.

Corey's block starts the 2nd stage of Blockheads 3.  In celebration, we are having a giveaway!  Yes, comment on this blog post and I'll pick a random winner of the e-book of Blockheads by Martingale Publishing.

Maybe we ALL can get inspiration for settings for out Blockheads 3 blocks!

Things here are good. The dogs are happy and that makes us happy.  Cassie has grown! she is now 36 lbs.  Puppy kisses seem to be a great pick-me-up around here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Blockheads - Week 14

This week's block is courtesy of Joanna at Fig Tree Quilts.  You must have a nice tidy pile of blocks by now and are getting excited. Me too!  I also have the privilege of working a bit ahead - and I have made another 14 blocks - and they are pretty grand.  As you know, I am making 6" blocks and that means some of the pieces are quite small.  If you don't already have these..... I'll just point out that the teeny Bloc-Loc rulers will come in handy.  
Yes, that is a finished 3/4" x 1 1/2" flying geese unit.  These will be in your future - if you are also making 6" blocks.

I'm hoping that you and your family members are all well.  Polly and I call each other every day with an update on isolation.  I never had a busy social life before, but now...... well, it's interesting.  Last week I told a friend it's almost like it's 1930 and I'm living in it.  I spend my day in a house dress, woolen leggings, and slippers. I have a bandana tied around my hair to keep it out of my eyes. I look up recipes to use that extra 2 cups of milk before it goes bad - and we spend our time with exciting pastimes like jigsaw puzzles and darning socks.  The only difference is we have streaming entertainment instead of listening to the wireless.


Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 13

I hope you are all doing well - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In some ways - things are exactly the same.  I get up and go to the studio and work on quilts, patterns, or shipping out parcels.  I have good company while working.....
Gibby and Cassie like hanging out on the studio ottoman and watch the world go by.  The world is a bit slower right now.

In other ways - things are completely different and everyday poses a new challenge. Today's challenge is making a bandana headband to keep the hair out of my eyes :)

And finally..... what you are here for - this week's Blockhead block - courtesy of Jen Kingwell

I've been having some fun coming up with Quarantine Playlist songs. Today's additions are Alone Again, Naturally by Gilbert O'Sullivan and 30 Days in the Hole by Humble Pie - both favorites of my long ago youth.  What are your Quarantine songs? 

And then there's this........


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 12

Try not to look too closely at my block.  At 6" square, there are a whole lot of wonky pieces jammed together.  Do I care? No I do not.  When it's all in the mix........ it will be wonderful.  And perfection is just not high on my list right now.
This week's block is courtesy of Janet Clare and you can find it HERE.

I should take this opportunity to say something inspiring and comforting for all of us in this unprecedented time.  Everything worth saying has been said.  We are all in this together. Health care workers are in my thoughts and prayers hourly. 

I'm looking forward to when we can all get together in person.

There is a much more trivial matter that has been on my mind.  My hair.  

Folks, it's probably just as well you don't see me in person right now.  It's not a good look.  One of the good things is that my hair grows fast. Very fast. It's one of the bad things too. I'm trying to be positive and maybe, just maybe, in a month or so it will be long enough to look chic and sophisticated like this.

Unfortunately, in the meantime - it's going to look a whole lot like this.

Here's hoping all of you and your family are well and that you are quarantined with a hair dresser.


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