Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Handwork is my preferred way to make quilts. I can strip piece with the best of 'em, but handwork is my thing.  I am so happy to make this week's block - by Jan Patek

You can find this week's pattern HERE  on Jan's blog post.

I'm a few weeks ahead of you all and I'm happy to tell you that you will love all of these blocks together. It's going to be a fun Blockheads 3 year.

It's especially good that I'm a few weeks ahead as it's a bit crazy here - and about to get crazier. A new line of fabric is being readied to be made into quilts and if that wasn't enough...... this happened ....

This is Bill with the newest addition to the Simpson family - Cassie.  She was a bit of a surprise. Bill called me last week saying he was at the Humane Society?!?!?!  Uh, I knew he couldn't go there and come home empty handed. He didn't.

Cassie is a bit of a mystery. Little is known of her heritage. Best guesstimate is there is some bull dog in there. Her front legs bow out kind of like this......... a trip to the vet today.... and the vet believes she is mostly American Bulldog and Boxer. 
Whatever else is in there is all adorable. Bill was smitten immediately and I didn't take much longer to fall.  Gibby has been a little hesitant to love her, but everyday he is more tolerant of the puppy shenanigans.  This morning there was even a play and chase in the backyard.
We're anxious to hear about how big she might get.  She loves to rest in our laps.  I hope she won't get so big where that isn't feasible.  

Oh, and just one more thing.... we adopted her from the Huron Valley Humane Society here in Ann Arbor. They have a first class operation and it was so heartening to see that have so much success in placing animals. This picture was taken last week and so far they had placed 339 pets in happy homes in 2020.

Cassie sends puppy kisses




Janie said...

Do you do needle-turn applique? It’s beautiful!

Pat said...

Cassie is beautiful!! I'm glad she has found a wonderful family to live with.

Laurie said...


Yes, I use needle turn applique

@ Pat - Thank you - we're the lucky ones

kristie said...

Oh Cassie looks like a sweetie ;o)

TX quilter said...

I like you needle turned block, and will enjoy hearing more about your sweet addition to the family. I am sure she will be so appreciative, whatever size she reaches.

liferecipes said...

I love the puppy! Thank you for your picture of your block! I like your house without the seam. There is no reason to have a seam there--you are brilliant as always!

Susie H said...

Welcome, Cassie! You're adorable!!!

Looking forward to your new line, Laurie.

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