Wednesday, January 29, 2020


Are you having fun making these blocks? Watching everyone else make their blocks? I know I am

This is Betsy Chutchian's Crown and Star block - you can find the directions HERE

So far I'm keeping up and still loving the 6" blocks.

We have been keeping busy here. I'm cutting Derby House Block of the Month kits

and I had this delivered ........ my 27 year old Joy of Cooking was in pieces.
I would promise to take very good care of it - but things happen in a kitchen.  Things spill, and things fall off counters. I'll be happy if it last 27 years.



Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blockheads 3 - Week 2

Oh, I think we'll be seeing lots of interesting variations of this charming block.  The Sunshine Star block by Sherri McConnell at A Quilting Life Blog.

This is mine.  It's still using mostly Mackinac Island fabrics along with a bit of stash.....

Make sure to check out everyone's else block too! - Sherry McConnell - Primitive Gatherings - Lissa Alexander



Tuesday, January 14, 2020


Yes, today is the day when we start Blockheads 3!  Quite a few of us have been working in the background to get this baby up and ready. Shout outs to Lissa, Carrie, and Natalie for the REAL work behind the scenes.

If you are new...... Blockheads 3 will give you a new block pattern every Wednesday for the next year.  There are 56 blocks heading your way (some weeks will have 2 blocks)  We'll be making blocks and sewing them into quilt tops.  There is a Blockheads 3 Facebook page where everyone can see each other's progress, answer questions, and cheer each other on. 

Today is getting off to a grand start with with Corey Yoder  Go there for the pdf of the directions.

This is Corey's block....... I'm making my blocks with the brand new Mackinac Island fabric collection that starts shipping to quilt shops this week! Great timing, eh?

I'm making 6" blocks.  You have the option of several sizes - 4", 6" 8", and 12".  My plan is to use all the 56 blocks in my quilt - so a 6" is my best option.  Things can change of course, but my plan so far is for all 6" blocks on point with alternate blocks.  Borders to be decided much later on.

Blockheads is a great use for your favorite new fabric group  - or it can be a great scrap eater. A combination of the 2 is always good too. If you want some new Mackinac Island fabrics to work with your red, white and blue scraps - I have a limited supply of Mackinac Island starter packs.  This starter pack is 12 Fat Quarters.

Other Moda designers will offer some fabrics packs too. 

Here are my colleagues who will show you blocks every week: - Sherry McConnell - Primitive Gatherings - Lissa Alexander

Designers will take turns each week with a new block pattern. You can find this pattern on their blogs, or there will be links in the Facebook Blockheads 3 page, and on the Moda Cutting Table Blog page.  Once we get started, it will all go smoothly :)

Get your fabrics chosen, pressed, cut and start sewing!  I've been working hard here and I have a few weeks of blocks in the bank (one of the many perks of being a Moda designer - we have had these patterns for a week or so).  Once this blog post is written and posted.... I have some quilty reading and stitching to catch up on.

My evening is sorted.  Happy Blockheads day everyone!!



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