Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Ending '19 With Some 99's

Do you like scrap quilts?

Do you LOVE scrap quilts? I know I do.  I make scrap quilts all the time. They are my favorite type of quilt.  You may have heard I was asked to be in Lissa Alexander's new book - Sisterhood of Scraps.

I was honored to be asked and I loved making the quilt

SCRAPS!!! As you can see, I raided my blue and cream scrap bins to make this.  You probably have bins of scraps too, but maybe you could use a little boost in the scrap department.  This is where the 99 fabric bundle can help.

I have cut 99 different Minick and Simpson fabrics and put them in a bundle for you.  While every 99 bundle is different - you can rely on getting mega red, white, and blue fabrics.
I cut a couple dozen 99 bundles at a time.  They will contain brand new Minick and Simpson fabrics (the ones in stock right now have a few pieces of Mackinac Island - just a few days before it ships to shops. These came from my personal stash). They will also contain some current fabrics (Northport and Crystal Lake) and some long, long, out of print doozies.  Once these out of print fabrics are gone - they are gone, never to return.

You will get a hefty bundle of 9" x 9" squares.

There will always be lots of reds, blues, creams, and tans......

And have you heard? There is a new Blockheads 3 starting soon.  These bundles could come in handy.

You can find the 99's HERE in our Etsy shop.  Happy New Year.




Susie H said...

Happy New Year, Laurie! Wishing you much happiness & creativity in 2020!

Anonymous said...

I love the border you put on your blue quilt ! Happy New Year ! Pam T.

lmno said...

The bundle is a great buy. I received mine promptly and am very pleased with the purchase.

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