Monday, July 1, 2019

4th of July Celebration

Hope you all have a great summer spectacular celebration.  We will be laying low as I travel the next day.  I'm going to celebrate by showing my gratitude.

This quilt is quilted now - by Maggi Honeyman.  I have offered this quilt for auction on my Instagram page. (if you cannot get there by the link - go to the instagram icon over on the left to get you there),  

If you want to bid on the quilt just comment and "@" the previous high bidder to let them know they have been outbid.

In celebration of this American holiday - ALL proceeds of this auction will go to 2 charities.  Our long time charity - Semper Fi - and The International Rescue Committee.  Semper Fi benefits wounded veterans and the International Rescue Committee helps family seeking safety. Both of these charities have the highest ratings from

The auction is open until noon on July 4th.  The winner will get an invoice from me and receipts from the charities for their records.   

The quilt...... it has been English paper pieced by me using Northport prints and wovens.  It is beautifully quilted by Maggi.

Thank you




Helen said...

Happy 4th of July lowes 10 off

Yvonne said...

Beautiful quilt! Wish you a happy 4th of July!

Kathy said...

Do have a pattern or kit for this quilt? I would love to make it

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