Saturday, June 1, 2019

English Paper Pieced 6 Pointed Star Quilt

There were some scraps left of Northport prints and wovens after I made my 3 quilts for International Quilt Market.  I decided to make an EPP (English Paper Pieced) quilt with them.

 The picture isn't very good. I JUST got the border sewn on and since thunderstorms are threatening here - I quickly took a picture before it was pressed.  Thunderstorms. Again. Poor Gibby doesn't like them at all.
 The quilt has 9 stars and 3 half stars in this setting.  The border is 7" wide and it finishes at 67" x 78"
This is how the pieces are arranged to make the star block.   

 And this is how they are set....
The hexagon is 1" size and each block uses 1 hexagon.  The half-hexagon is a 1" half hexagon and you will need 16 for each block.  The 3" equilateral triangle is next and you need 6 for each block.  The 3" diamond (60 degree) will call for 6 in each block.  The 6" equilateral triangle is the 6 blue triangles that surround each block.  Finally - you need 6" diamonds (60 degree) for the setting - the red large diamonds.  It all depends on how you set the block together as to how many of these large 6" diamonds you need.  For this quilt I needed 35 - plus 3 half diamonds. 

All the paper templates and the acrylic templates to cut the fabric came from Paper Pieces. 

I'll be posting more on techniques later this week.




Anonymous said...

Thats beautiful, how awesome are the parts that fit together .. I always wanted to make a Star of David and wondered how. I think these will work.

livelymonkey said...

Love this! The hesagon is one fo my favorite shapes to make quilts.......big ones, little ones, and combos.......Yours is really special!
Mona ( Snowden)

paritosh said...

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Anonymous said...
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audrey said...

Love this! So beautiful.:)

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