Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Spring Quilt Market

I'm packing today for a flight tomorrow to Kansas City.  There will be friends to see, BBQ to eat, and lots and lots of quilts and fabrics.  Even for an introvert like me, these trips are looked forward to. These quilts made with Northport will be on hand....



6 Mini's from Our Best Friends, Forest Fete, and Live Your Life all put together into one full size quilt.

Close-up of Forest Fete


 There is another quilt made with Northport that is still in progress..... it's made by English Paper Piecing and I'll be posting more photos in as I go along.

There are more things ......... a whole cloth quilt has been on my bucket list for quite awhile.  Finally, I got down to actually putting pencil to paper.  This is a partial sketch of my plans.
A great many erasers gave their life to this project.  The basic bones of the design are drawn onto lawn fabric and it is being basted right now. When I get home from Kansas City - the first stitches will take place. I am very excited by this.

There was even an attempt at improvisational piecing.  This was made with a rotary cutter, ruler and a photograph of a industrial garage door as inspiration. That was a fun experiment.



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