Tuesday, February 26, 2019


This week's block is brought to you by Stacy Iest Hsu and the directions are  HERE

As you can guess, this block is now sewn into the complete top.  I worked ahead just a bit and I couldn't wait.  I'll have it back from the quilter and ready to show you once we get through to week 52.

What else is going on?
Lots of top secret sewing that I won't be able to show you until next month.  

Crystal Lake has shipped to all your favorite quilt shops!

We still have a few Our Best Friends kits available....

You can find them HERE



Tuesday, February 19, 2019

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Week 45

This week's block is brought to you by Betsy Chutchian and it's a winner!  You can get the directions HERE. I hope to start putting all these blocks together this weekend. Hope to, because things here just got real with finalizing new patterns and getting new fabric shipped from the mill.  It is all hands on deck getting the new quilts ready for our next fabric group from Moda Fabrics.  Expect some sneak peeks next month!

In other news....... I finished my scrap quilt this week.  I made this using scraps entirely.  You would think that the scrap loss would be noticeable, but you would be wrong.  It's starting to get concerning. Do you think I've tapped into some scrap parallel universe? Some neverending scrap worm hole?  The laws of physics do not seem to apply.
 It doesn't have a name yet.  This was the best picture we could get.  The clothesline in the backyard was unapproachable due to ice.
I can't wait to get it back from being basted so I can work on this in the evenings.



Tuesday, February 12, 2019

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Week 44

Sorry about last week's non-post. I just did an iOS update and the photos were not cooperating.  I think everything is fine now.  Here is Blockhead 2 - block number 44
Here she is before she got her haircut.  This week's block is brought to you by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique - and here are the directions .

And just to make sure I really did do block 43 - here it is.....

What else has been going on.... I've been working on that long term scrap project. My days have been filled with lots of cutting, pressing, and stitching.

I've heard that Crystal Lake is shipping this month!!! I am taking pre-orders on some of the kits.
The kits for Our Best Friends can be found here and the kit will have the directions and fabric to make both mini quilts.

Rolling Stars kit is HERE.

The Cobblestone kit can be found HERE



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