Tuesday, December 25, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block 37

Happy Holidays!!

Do you need some quiet ME time in your sewing room?  We have just the block for you....

This week's block is brought to you by Sherri McConnell. You can find the pattern HERE

Bill and I went on a little jaunt this week to Grosse Pointe Shores this week to see the Christmas decorations at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford home.  They call it a home, you and I would call it a mansion. The Albert Kahn design masterpiece was so inspiring - an English Tudor plunked down on the edge of Lake St. Clair.  I loved the fact that despite it's huge footprint, the rooms seemed intimate.  The more public rooms were English Tudor and the more personal family rooms were in the new to them style of Art Moderne.  Gorgeous.  This Christmas tree was the only allowed photograph in the home.  Interesting fact: the water drop glass baubles on the 1950's tree were made for Eleanor Ford by the glass factory at Ford Motor Company explicitly for this tree. Yes, the rich ARE different.
 My attempt at some Christmas cheer - this Kanellangd - a Swedish cinnamon bread.  While it looked beautiful, sadly it didn't really turn out.  Paul Hollywood's recipe was in Celsius and when I converted it to farenheit- the 438 degree oven temp seemed too hot.  Well, he's the bread expert, right? I put it in the oven at 425.  Yes, too hot. Bottom burned and center still needed baking. Next time I'll try it at 400.  Also, it was my first attempt at instant yeast instead of active dry yeast.  I'll try it the other way next time.

 My Indigo Revival is almost done. I should have a finished photo on the blog next week.



Tuesday, December 18, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Week 36


This is this week's block designed by Jo Morton. Rolling Stone instructions are HERE. 

 Things are hectic here - I'm sure it's hectic where you are too.  The holidays will do that. Despite that, I have started to design a new quilt. As you can see here...... it's tough going at the start. I'll get there though :)

I got a lovely surprise from Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe - they sent me 3 little Christmas trees that are in the Minick and Simpson style. Thank you Brian and Jan!

What else is new?  Well I had an eye doctor appointment last month and he said I needed to change my prescription.  New lenses need new frames, don't you think?  


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block 35

This is week 35 and this is MY block. Nothing too exciting here people, move along......  It's just that I've designed a couple of busy sampler quilts and there is a need for a quiet place.  Even with 2 bold colors. This simple checkerboard is a happy, restful block for your quilt.  The directions are HERE 

Polly and I just got back from a long weekend in New York City. It's always grand this time of year and the sights and sounds are thrilling. The street seemed even more hectic and crowded this year. I guess everyone wanted in on the holiday cheer.   Among some of our usual haunts, we wandered over to the Ralph Lauren flagship store.  This jacket wanted to go home with me.  Alas, it was made more for runway models than style conscious, old fat ladies. 

 This is the last year of Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store near Rockefeller Center.  They are going out with a bang. The light show was magnificent.

 The windows at Bergdorf's didn't disappoint either. This red and white one seemed to be everyone's favorite. Mine too.

Inside, it was pretty stunning too - this tree topper goes to the top of the list.

even simple tree ornaments make a big statement.

Once home and unpacked, I found this gift from Moda.  It seems somebody there knows the color of my studio :)



Wednesday, December 5, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block 34

Don't you love how you can look at an applique pattern and KNOW whose hand designed it? Even with my fabric choices - there can be no doubt that this week's block is designed by Jan Patek.  You can find the pattern HEREThank you for the beautiful block, Jan!

 I've started quilting my red and white Indigo Revival quilt. I feel very festive in the evenings when this is in my lap.
While I am quilting, this is Gibby next to me.  He waits by the side of the sofa until we put a quilt down, then he arranges himself AND the pillows until he is just right. That is the boxer in him - he is very skilled at moving things around with his paws. Crazy, right? What is actually crazy is that we oblige him.

Polly and I are off on a little adventure tomorrow.



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