Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Blockheads2 - Block 32

In the middle of this busy week, how about a fast and easy block from Betsy Chutchian

I get an unexpected break from cooking Thanksgiving dinner here this year. Our refrigerator died last week. Did you know that that you can't just walk into a store and buy a white French door refrigerator? Nope. It has to be special ordered. It looks like it will be delivered late today.  Just a little too late to go out and buy and turkey and all the fixings for dinner tomorrow. Do not worry. Restaurant reservations have been made.  

Since I last posted on the blog, not only has the refrigerator given up the ghost, but Bill's and my iPhones are gasping their last breath. Here's hoping there will be a surprise deal somewhere on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The iPhone issue is why I couldn't post last week on the blog - no photos.  

My red and white quilt top was finished this week. It is on it's way to be basted and it will be my winter hand quilting project.
The pattern is Indigo Revival (the original was done in blue and cream) and it is available as a download in our Etsy shop.




Anonymous said...

Beautiful red and white quilt....I know about kitchen catastrophes....one Thanksgiving I was baking pies in our new house(the old stove was still there) and the oven burst into flames!! We all survived and the pies were saved, but there you go! Happy Thanksgiving! I love all your beautiful fabrics. Sandi S. In West Texas

Anonymous said...

Gosh Laurie hope you had a good Thanksgiving after all. Our phones die just after the contracts are up so we always have to buy a new one. Sometimes I think they send a death ray ping o
to kill your phone just in time.

Unknown said...

nice collection and design with red and white
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