Wednesday, November 28, 2018

BLOCKHEADS 2 - Block 33

Block 33 is brought to you by Stacy Iest Hsu. I mixed in some 3 Sisters pink with my Minick and Simpson red, white and blue. You can find the directions HERE.

Our refrigerator was delivered so we will have roast turkey this weekend.  A little late, but yummy just the same. I am in between projects. I'm getting my red and white quilt back from being basted this week. Hand quilting will start on it immediately.  New strike offs will be delivered too - for our next collection that will show next spring.  So - that awkward in between project phase happened and you KNOW I cannot sit without some stitching in my this was born.

I dug into my prized box of Japanese taupe fabric bits and pieces. With the help of some purse hardware and a stack of Yoko Saito books - I made myself a bag.  As I mentioned on Instagram, it would make a lovely evening bag - if I ever ventured out socially in the evening, that is.  :)  It will probably live as a stitching bag - holding bits of fabric, thread and needles when I stitch on the road.

 The Christmas tree was put up.  A 1950's artificial white tree was scored on Ebay several years ago.  I was searching for one because I also found this vintage tree stand.  

This, 5 red and white quilts on the walls, and some stockings are it for Christmas decorating.  I have bins and bins of Christmas stuff in storage, but my tolerance for clutter gets weakened every year.  Soon, you can expect the quilts, a candle, and sprig of holly as the entirety of holiday decorating around here.




Pat said...

Gorgeous purse!!! Love the tree stand ,what a lucky find. Your quilt is outstanding as always. Have a wonderful turkey day this weekend.

liz said...

Amen Sister when it comes to Christmas decorating.
I would eliminate the tree but my husband refuses..
So now he gets the tree ,puts up
the tree, decorates it and takes it down,sweeps up
the needles and puts away the ornaments : )!

moosecraft said...

A lovely stitching purse! That tree stand is gorgeous! I'm with you on the clutter. I like to be able to just relax and enjoy my stitching without a lot of "stuff" competing for! :-)

Cheryl said...

Love the bag. Did you quilt the background prior to doing the applique? Just curious. Really lovely. There are a group of friends here working on her scrap valley quilt.....have you seen one? All are impressive. Happy stitching to you.

saltandpepper said...

Love the tree stand. Reminds me of 50s Christmas decorations that we had growing up in Michigan. I am keeping it more and more simple every Christmas also. Great purse too. ~ Christine

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