Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Week 10 of BLOCKHEADS 2

How can it be week 10 already? 

This week's block is courtesy of Jo MortonJo will show her block - back and front and you can see how she pressed the seams. They will be immaculate. I would show you how I pressed my seams, but it might demoralize a few of you.  How are they pressed? Whatever way seemed (heh) to be the less violent.  Some seams are pressed to the side, some are pressed open, some defy logic and do both.

You know the drill by now..... this is the block in Minick and Simpson scraps.

This is the block in Bella Solids.

 Here are all the Minick and Simpson blocks so far.

And these are the Bella Solids.  

This happened in the studio this week. I purchased the jumbo scissors and the thimble wall pocket at an antique auction. Why? Because they were fun. The 24" long scissors were once part of a Haberdasher's sign.  I'm picking out just the right wall space for them.




Yvonne said...

This gives me new inspiration to do something with my M & S scraps.....now I only have to find some time.....:)

moosecraft said...

OMG..."whichever ever way seems less violent"...is exactly the way I press seems! lol! LOVE those 24" scissors!

Joan R said...

Love your blocks the bestest! Also love the new header for the blog! Your new logo is very chic.

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kawinha said...

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