Wednesday, July 11, 2018


How is the summer treating you so far? Roadtrips? Are you keeping cool?  Since we put in Casablanca fans in most of the big rooms of the house - we have used our air conditioning sparingly. I am not a shill for Casablanca - just a very satisfied customer.  They replaced other, less efficient fans and we are FANS!  Even on the warmest evenings, the windows are open in the bedroom and the fan is working away.  

Now - onto the news.....

This is week 6 - by Betsy - and her blog post and directions are HERE 
 This is my block using Bella Solids.

 Here it is in Minick and Simpson scraps. Are my blocks perfect? Uhm, no.  Will I remake them? Uhm, no.

Here are the first 6 weeks grouped.

Stay cool, my friends



Susie H said...

Love your blocks, especially the M&S!

MJinMichigan said...

Love both sets of blocks but especially love your relaxed attitude on the piecing. As a recovering perfectionist who learned to quilt from members of the quilt police, it's hard for me to relax when piecing. Every little problem bothers me which is strange since I love antique quilts that have quirks and are imperfect and the more perfect ones are boring to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying your quilt block wasn't perfect (I couldn't see an issue but I'll take your word for it)but that it was OK with you. I have spent a lot of my quilting time being frustrated with imperfect sewing. I was letting it stop me from quilting as much I wanted to. No more of that - time's too short and if I wait for perfection I'll get very little done!

Linda Kay

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