Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Have you pulled all your fabrics and scraps to start Blockheads 2?  Have you seen all the amazing week 1  blocks on Instagram and Facebook?  Wow!

As usual, I couldn't do it the easy way - I had to make 2 versions.  So far, I've kept up.  Hah.  (It's only week 2 people.)

This is my Bella Solid version.......

This is my Minick and Simpson scrap version.   This little baby goes together easy and fast - just like I like'em. 

What else is new?  I just got back from the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market with the most beautiful strawberries ever.  I think they will become this ....
The strawberry pavlova recipe is HERE.

Basic Instructions -



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Anonymous said...

OH!! That is my favorite Pavlova , our family makes it a little differently though. We make a large flat tort spread whip cream strawberries, then top it off with another meringue layer then more cream then strawberries. So it looks like a giant tort. Also we make the meringue the old way,no cream of tartar no vinager no weird stuff, just egg whites , heat up the sugar to candy temp then pour it into the whites until it is a silky glossy meringue.Izzy

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