Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Are you still caught up? I am.  I wonder how long I can keep saying that. 

This is block 4 with the Bella Solids.
This is block 4 with Minick and Simpson scraps. 

This is how they are looking - all grouped together.

It's starting to look really interesting, isn't it?

This week's block is by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic.  Here is here post and the link to the pattern.  

In other news this week, I took a very short trip to Chicago for some retail therapy.  It was great, but would have been a little more fun if it wasn't raining sideways when I was there.

This is currently in my hoop and I put in stitches every evening.  

Gibby seemed to weather my trip away quite well.  He still got in his 4 naps every day.



Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Week 3 is going to take it a bit easy on you folks.  The Blockheads 2 quilt needs all kinds of blocks - large, ambitious blocks and ones like this - quiet, easy blocks.  Meet Pennsylvania....

I liked it so much, I made it twice!  Above is in Minick and Simpson red, white and blue scraps - and here is my Bella Solid version...

whoops - looks like it needs a bit more pressing. 

The instructions for this block can be found HERE. 

These blocks go together so quickly you should have time to tackle other things this week - like gardening, laundry, (uh oh, don't listen to me)  

I had some time to work on some secret sewing.  I can't tell you what it is, but I can show you some of the parts - made with vintage fabric.  This was from our first group with Moda Fabrics - Nantucket.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Have you pulled all your fabrics and scraps to start Blockheads 2?  Have you seen all the amazing week 1  blocks on Instagram and Facebook?  Wow!

As usual, I couldn't do it the easy way - I had to make 2 versions.  So far, I've kept up.  Hah.  (It's only week 2 people.)

This is my Bella Solid version.......

This is my Minick and Simpson scrap version.   This little baby goes together easy and fast - just like I like'em. 

What else is new?  I just got back from the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market with the most beautiful strawberries ever.  I think they will become this ....
The strawberry pavlova recipe is HERE.

Basic Instructions -



Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I'm A Blockhead!

No, you're a blockhead!!!......   Am I giving you the classic Charlie Brown put down? Or am I flashing back to a 40 year old Saturday morning tv commerical? 
Maybe, but it's really something much more enjoyable.  It's THIS Blockheads....

Yes, the folks from Moda Fabrics are doing it again and this time they've lowered their standards and they let me play along :)

Today is the start of a weekly, year-long adventure in quilt making.  The blocks have all been designed and there is a variety in sizes.  Week 52 will have us piecing them altogether (Yes! a plan!) with no sashing and quick seams.  p.s. I've seen the final rendering and you will be THRILLED.

So, run to your stash and start picking fabrics.  I've had several baskets, bins, (boxes, trunks, moving containers) out because I have several long term projects going.  Here are a few sneak peaks of those other quilts.....

So, it was just a reshuffling of fabric and I have Block 1 - designed by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles - and I came up with this....

But having 3 quilts in progress - all using the same scrap bin (a great scrap bin, but a bit redundant none the less) made we want to venture in a new direction.  My friend Carrie at Moda - The Cutting Table Blog posted a lovely bundle recently.  I swooned.
Of course, I had to dive in.  This is BLOCK 1 in this lovely Bella Solid palette.  
All the other lovely colors will show up eventually.  Just keep watching!

Follow all the designers on Instagram and the Facebook page dedicated to Block Heads - 2

and one last quilty thing....... look at what THE Anna Wintour wore yesterday to a gala...

Yes! a couture dress made like an antique crazy quilt.  
Quilts - they are a hot topic right now!



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