Saturday, January 20, 2018


Are you hibernating like me?  Because of the weather? Because you are feeling under the weather?
(I hope you're feeling great).  This time of year emphasizes my natural inclination to snuggle in and do hand work.  If it's by a roaring fire - all the better.  I will have to get by with Netflix and Acorn tv.

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that one on my long running projects (there are several, of course) was finished up recently.  The Rowdy Flat Library Quilt designed by Susan Smith.

It was great fun to work in a completely different color palette.  Picking up Fat Quarters over a year of traveling was inspirational in itself. I always get inspired in quilt shops. If you would like to take this journey - we now have the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt pattern in our Etsy store.

Of course, when one journey ends, another begins.  A whole new attempt to whittle down my Minick and Simpson scraps started this week - the Hexagon Star A Day quilt by Somerset Patchwork.

We also have this pattern in stock too.  

And this is another in-process quilt...... Thimbleblossoms Scrappy Stars quilt. You can get this pattern directly from Thimbleblossoms or your local quilt shop.  This was made entirely from my scrap bin. You'd think it would be depleted, but you would be wrong.

We're off to Texas in a few days where I hear it's a bit warmer.  Right now I'm trying to strategize how to sterilize the entire airport and airplane before I travel. I'm feeling pretty good right now and I'd like to keep it that way.

When I get back, I'll show you quilts I made that I actually designed :)   

The Farmhouse Red fabrics will be in stores soon and I'll show you what I made with them.




Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you and Polly ! I am so glad to hear from you I was getting concerned. Beautiful, beautiful handwork you never disappoint (smile). Can't wait to see your new designs and Farmer's Red! Wear a mask when traveling especially at this time of year. Take advantage of the warmer weather because when you get back you know there will be more of the white stuff to come ! Godspeed. Pam, Dexter.

helen said...

Happy New Year to you!
Beautiful quilts!! Do you also continue on the "yetanotherchristmasquilt" I saw on instagram for "handquiltingwednesday" or did you put it aside until next year??
Have a great weekend!
Best wishes!

Laurie said...

@ Helen

the #yetanotherchristmasquilt is finished and has been for a few years....

It's called Christmas Flowers and is in the Quilts and Rugs book published by Quiltmania.


helen said...

Thank you very much!! 🤗

Janet said...

2 gorgeous finished!! I love the close ups of your lovely quilting :0) I hope you never run out of your beautiful scraps because you keep inspiring us with them

sanpiseth40 said...
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Susie H said...

Love your Library Quilt. The colors are truly not your norm. I am currently working with very bright, "not my norm" colors and like how it's turning out. Will it be my new normal? I doubt it. Your Scrappy Stars is lovely and is more in my "normal" range. Love your hand quilting close-ups. Would you consider a tutorial/tips on Baptist Fans?

Yvonne said...

Funny you use the word hibernate. I just recently know the meaning of that English word.
It would be Nottingham for me to do that. I just don't have the time! So many projects to finish. I am glad I finished my Dear Jane after almost four years and happy to start something new. I love your library quilt, the colors you used and the hand quilting! 👏👏👏
Hope you find some warmer weather in Texas and get some new energy!
Happy Stitching!

Hildy said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Texas! Love your Scrappy Stars quilt it's so pretty:-)

Unknown said...

How does one follow on Instagram ? You’ve mentioned prior you do some postings there. Thank you, Pam.

Phyllis said...

Beautiful quilts! And I love that you handquilt,it just makes a quilt so very special. How wonderful you get to go to Texas, my fav state in your great country (not that I have visited them all, but quite a few) and from what I saw yesterday (still have a weather app that continuously gives me the Houston weather, little 'souvenir' of my visit to Quilt Market in last year) the temperatures are very comfortable there now. So enjoy and love to see your new work!

moosecraft said...

Oh my! The Rowdy Library Flat Quilt is such a happy quilt! Perfect to work on when it's cold and grey out! And, of course I LOVE that Thimbleblossoms quilt that's made from your scraps.... I sure wish I could retire so I had more time for fun stuff like this! :-)
This year I am determined to use my "sick days" for stuff other than being, the last couple of times I felt run down with a sore throat coming on I tried Zicam. I get the cherry flavored rapid melts and use them for a day or two....and it brings me back to feeling healthy again. Even though their is zinc in doesn't numb your tongue like zinc lozenges do. Anyways.... buy a bottle before you get on that plane. :-)

cocoya said...

Absolutely beautiful! Really like the Good Morning one!

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