Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Polly and I are back from a delightful trip to one of the loveliest places on earth. Nantucket.  I have some very meager photos, but it was kind of a working vacation and I missed some great pictures.

This is just an average house on an average street (across from our BnB) that had some spectacular window boxes. Whatever happened to window boxes?

We were hosted by Nantucket Antiques Depot and our quilts and rugs were displayed among the stellar antiques.  I took lots of pictures of rugs, but my phone has swallowed them whole I fear. I even posted them on Instagram and now nowhere to be found.  Believe me when I say, there were great hooked rugs on view.

Speaking of views, this was taken from our dinner table one evening. Sigh.  But here we are back and ready to get to work.  Our next fabric collection is now being shown to shop owners everywhere! It's called Farmhouse Reds and here are the quilts we made with it! (These are the pictures on the pattern covers.  The quilts are being shipped right now from the quilter. I will have REAL pictures of REAL quilts here in the next few days)

 This is Bird Hills Lane and the quilt measures 36" x 40" so it is quite a doable project.  The pattern can be found HERE.
This is Good Morning and is a little quilt easily pieced with old fashioned redwork.  You can find the pattern  HERE
 And this is Mrs. Rose's Best. We saw a very similar quilt at the Red and White show in New York a couple of years ago and we never could get it out of our heads.  Here it is in red and white - just like it was once. We were granted permission to make our version from it from the Rose family.  You can find the pattern HERE.
We showed you this recently, but here it is made with Farmhouse Reds! You can find the pattern  HERE.

This was me last night - listing all the bolt ends we have leftover from kits.  They are now listed in our Etsy shop under YARD SALE YARDAGE.  Why am I cleaning off the fabric shelves? Ann's Arbor is shipping any minute now and I'll have new kits next week! 

All this fabric is $6.00 per yard now until Friday. On Saturday all the fabric will be $5.00 per yard.  If any is left on Sunday it will be $4.00 per yard. Warning, it's only been listed for a few hours and most has sold out.  Good luck.




Cheryl said...

is the red 'plus' quilt in your pictures, with the red hand quilted circles around the 'plus''s the same quilt as the pattern 'on the plus side'? it looks different at the edges, if I'm not mistaken.
I also read the words 'new kits'....so what is up with that? I'm missing a monthly shipment since portage lake finished up. grin. I know you probably aren't. anyway, glad you had a fun trip and can't wait for the new lines.....Love, love love the reds....

Laurie said...


They are different quilts. The new one made in Farmhouse Reds is On The Plus Side. The one pictured in the antique shop is Nightengale. It has a big appliqué center. I'll have pictures of On The Plus Side in a few days - as soon as I get them back from the quilter.

The new kits will be Lady of Lake Superior and Four Flags - both made with Ann's Arbor. I'll have those next week.


Saundra said...

I guess Polly's rug display and demonstration will have its own blog post?

Yvonne said...

Looks like a fun trip!

moosecraft said...

Welcome back from your trip! Oh my goodness! LOVE Bird Hills Lane and Good Morning! Your designs are going to keep me so busy this winter...lol!
Ann's Arbor is a beautiful line of fabric... looking forward to Lady of the Lake Superior!

Unknown said...

Hello Laurie. Just so envious of your Nantucket trip! I so love your fabrics and quilts and quilting and especially reading your blog. On your previous post you had shown your starch saturated fabric hanging on the racks you purchased from Ikea. I looked on their site but couldn't quite find your setup . Was is something you found in the store or online? Thank you, Pam.

Laurie said...


I got the racks in store. They are online and called MULIG.


Unknown said...

Whoops ! I think I found it called the Mulig ? Now do you just lay your fabric on a towel and spray ? And iron ? Right or wrong side ? Thank you !

Laurie said...


I SATURATE it. I pour or spray (depending on what kind of starch you have) it over the fabric in a large bowl. The bowl catches the run off and will starch the next piece of fabric. I hang on the rack overnight until it is dry. I then steam iron it flat - and crisp. You go through a lot of starch, but starch is cheap. It really helps with cutting and machine piecing.

Mayleen said...

Laurie, do you give guild presentations? I've received a request to schedule you as a speaker!

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