Saturday, April 29, 2017

Snowfall in April

Yes, it's April and the flowering trees are showing their stuff.  This is a dogwood that we planted last summer when it had a few green leaves.  We were pleasantly surprised to see the pink blossoms emerge.  I'm hoping that the sparseness on the bottom is just because it's a brand new tree and it will eventually fill out.  So, the snowfall we are mentioning isn't white stuff from the sky - but Snowfall - from Moda Fabrics!
These are some of the prints.....
 And these are some of the yummy wovens.  If you aren't familiar with our wovens - they are not flannel.  They are not brushed cottons, but they are silky, thin, lovely stripes and plaids that work beautifully with the prints. We love them.  These mini Fat Quarter bundles are listed in our Etsy shop.
We have some limited supplies of a couple kits - this is the Snow Goose quilt kit designed by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.
This is Lake Effect and it comes with all the fabric, pattern, acrylic templates, and 700+ paper templates.

If you hadn't heard, Polly and I were in France! We had a few travel hiccups, but we had a great time.  A few days in Paris, then on to Nantes for the Pour l'amour du Fil show put on by Quiltmania.  Everyone involved with Quiltmania are such pro's and the show was wonderful.
Here is Polly in our booth giving a rug hooking lesson to Lynette Anderson.

Our last night in Nantes, we had dinner at La Cigale. We had been there before, but made a real effort to get back. It is one of the loveliest restaurants we have ever seen - and the food is pretty special too.  The Beaux Arts decor has to be seen to be believed.

While travel is exhilarating, it's nice to be home and back in the quilty groove.  




farmhousequilter8 said...

Glad you are back and had a good time. Love the New fabric. I sent you an email while you were away and also a comment on a blog post. I have a quilt I want to tell you about. Paula in KY

Mimi said...

You had me a little worried there at first. I figured you are just west of me and if you had snowfall, then it was heading this way. Anyways, I love the fabrics usual. So glad your trip to Paris ended up well, too. Always love seeing what you two are up to.

moosecraft said...

Dogwoods are my most favorite blooming tree! They are just so pretty and peaceful!
Love this snowfall fabric line! Looking forward to starting on Lake Effect, and tempted to give Snow Goose a try as well! ;-)
France looks so grande! What a treat to visit!

Hildy said...

Great new fabrics and I'm happy that you finally had a great time in France:-)

Grandma said...

Lovely fabric. Love dogwoods, grew up with them all around but live now in south Texas and there are none

Susie H said...

Understand how nice it is to be home. Just got home yesterday from traveling by car a little over 850 miles (one way) to take my mother to her 65th high school reunion. "There's no place like home."

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Beautiful fabrics, the dogwood is one of my favorite trees!

Leanne said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip. Hiccups and all. Love your new line of fabric., Can't wait til it arrives in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I like plaids and checks in quilting fabrics but many lines do not have them. Another favorite of mine is dots and paisley. I always avoid your wovens for quilting. Can I mix them with the regular cottons? What do I do different with them from other cotton fabrics? Would they work for a "quilter wanna be" in a quilt with other cottons?
Details, woman! I need details. So enjoy you and Polly!

Primstitch said...

Were those little rug hooking kits on your table? Any chance that there were any left?! As always, everything looks amazing! 😊

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