Thursday, October 27, 2016

Houston Bound

My bags are packed and I have a flight out at an obscene hour tomorrow.  I'll be in the convention center before some of my colleagues wake.

I'll be posting photos on Instagram during the show - as will just about everyone else I know.  Between all of us, you might get an idea of the madness, fun, and inspiration.

I'm drawing back the curtain so you can see the glamorous innards of my studio.  Computer, printer, ugly cords, and chicken scratch drawings.  This is what pattern writing looks like.  This has been my life the last month.  That and sore fingers.  I'll be showing you my epic (my words) English Paper Pieced quilt for quilt market.  English Paper piecing is fun (hand piecing!!), relaxing, lovely, and because I'm doing a bit different kind of stitch that I'm used too (whip stitch) - my fingers felt the strain.   
Sadly, the quilt isn't QUITE finished.  There is a digital print of the quilt ready to show you - and my top which needs 2 more sections pieced onto it.  That's not a huge disappointment since now I can "demonstrate" English paper piecing while in Houston. I'll post those pictures on Instagram.  This is the raw material I had to work with.....
This is Snowfall.  We are showing it to shop owners this weekend in Houston at International Quilt Market.  Those of you with an astute eye will notice some similarities between this collection and our Winter collection from a few years ago.  Yes, same color palette and some identical prints - but a dozen new ones and the coordinating wovens!  The wovens are not fuzzy or flannel, but a thin weight - much like the silky wovens that Moda has done in the past.  You will love them.  

There are more quilts and stuff to show.  

What else has happened since I last wrote? I've been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack.  What can I say - it's brilliant. Love it.  Maybe someday I will win the lottery and I can see it live on Broadway.
So, tomorrow on the plane I'll be humming "The Room Where It Happens" while I fly to the convention where it happens.



Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cotton Works Winner!

The winner of the Cotton Works Fat Quarter Bundle is.....

I'll be sending you this asap!

Thank you all for saying such nice things about Cotton Works - and my shoes.



Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Arrivals

This new Moda/Martingale collaboration is now available! I was lucky enough to be included.

This is my Stars and Stars quilt. I used foundation paper piecing.  It's not my usual go-to construction, but in small doses (just like this quilt) it really packs a punch. Perfect, sharp pointed stars.  

Look what else will be showing up in your local quilt shops in the next few days.... Cotton Works!  This is our 100% cotton fabric that looks and feels like wool.  It's perfect to use in traditional wool stitchery - by itself - or in combo with your wool scraps.

This is one of our patterns using it - the Flower Day Table Topper.

Our friend Carrie made this super pillow with Cotton Works.  (This may or may not have been claimed by a member of the Simpson family who uses it in his favorite leather chair)  (thanks to Moda for letting me steal these photos from the Cutting Table blog)

In other news....... I have to get rid of 2 boxes of shoes.  Beautiful, barely worn shoes.  Stylish sandals and still pristine dress shoes. Poor me.  It seems I now need orthotics.  The new orthotics are working grand, but they take up quite a bit of space in my shoes.  I now need to buy new shoes a half - to a full size bigger than usual.  So in other news.... Lucky me! Shoe shopping!! (can we all say a special thank you to the annual Nordstrom shoe sale)

In better news.... How about a Cotton Works giveaway to celebrate these new arrivals!

Comment on this post about Cotton Works, mini quilts, shoe shopping, or anything at all and you could win this.

Comment before midnight Friday October 7th to be eligible.



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