Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Football, Books, and Shoes

Hello again.  I'll tell you about the last couple of weeks by going through my photos on my phone. Polly, myself, Jennifer and Steve Keltner  had a nice treat 2 weeks ago. We watched a University of Michigan football game together.  We had spiffy seats. I'll probably never get to watch a game in that kind of comfort again.  A good time was had by all.  What you see here is the halftime show paying homage to Veterans.

I put several works in progress up on my design wall to see how they are getting along.  I haven't shown this one before on the blog.  It's a BOM from Australia called the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt.  It's kind of eccentric and very, very fun.  I went off in a totally different color palette (trying to channel my inner Australian).  There are 3 more big blocks to go - plus an appliqué border. It's excess on top of excess. 

This is the progress so far on my Star A Day quilt.  Only 2 more blocks to go.  It's all made with Minick and Simpson scraps and despite using hundreds of different fabrics - it is quite cohesive.  Just a reminder that all Minick and Simpson fabrics will work together.   For those of you looking for the pattern - we are currently sold out - but I will be stocking up on more next month at Quilt Market.  The next time I post an in-progress photo of this quilt - we will have the patterns back in stock.

 I have added to my personal library with these 4 beauties. The top 2 are artist studios and home decor and then the new Kaffe Fassett book and the new Gwen Marston book from Martingale.  There is so much inspiration in all of them.
 Speaking of books....... we can now announce that we will have a new one out in April of 2017.  It will be published by Martingale and will be a coffee table type book - tons of pictures! We know you want it and need it, right?  More info when publication gets closer.  So that sort of solves the mystery of why my fabric shelves are so neat.  Picture taking!

Jennifer Keltner and Brent Kane took tons of gorgeous photos.  Don't let these pics taken on my iPhone prejudice you on the beauty.  

This is my Mrs. Billings Coverlet looking spiffy on a great bed.

This is one of Polly's new rugs looking spectacular over a cupboard.  These are just a small drop in the bucket of pictures.  We can't wait to see it all put together.

 In other news..... I'm breaking in my new pair of Quilt Market shoes.




Unknown said...

Wow ! you have been a busy girl. You did mention you were going to be working on something with a lot of applique and it is gorgeous ! And all of those stars too. You are such an inspiration, thank you. Love the shiny new kicks !

Hildy said...
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Hildy said...

Congrats to your book can't wait to see some pictures! And I love your new shoes:-)

Susie H said...

Mrs. Billings looks wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Good news about your book.. I love to see the American flag shine like that !!

kathiquilts said...

WIP - Love
Mrs Billings - Gorgeous
New Book - CAN'T WAIT!!
Polly's new rug -- YUMMM!!!
Tidy Studio - sigh of envy
New Shoes - WOWSA!

helen said...

Can not wait for the book launch, love all that you do.

Sherrill said...

I just wanna know who folded all that fabric!!! HAHA Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Ah the Big House. Being born and raised in Anyway my compliments to U of M for being such a beautiful campus. I took my daughter up there for an unofficial college visit, and I heart this school for her. Believe me I get hissed at when I mention this to Buckeye fans but whatever. What I loved most about this school for my daughter, unlike Ohio State, its a small town feel with a big college name. She would not have to worry about catching any public transportation to get to class to class. I do heart Columbus, and the Buckeyes but when it comes to my babygirl, I want what is right for her. Anywho. I love the new quilts. Also congrats and and best wishes on the upcoming book.

Janet said...

How exciting for you! Love seeing pics of your new studio! (and yes, I was very impressed by how tidy your fabric shelves were!).

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Can't wait for the book to be published--sounds wonderful. I love seeing Mrs. Billings--she looks so lovely on your bed and reminds me to get back to work on mine!

PamKittyMorning said...

OMG on the idea of the book! And the shoes!!! Those quilts! OMG. But that Library quilt is really killing me. Your blocks are wonderful.

Julee said...

just love your stuff...BOM is very pretty along with your new shoes..

harada57 said...
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