Monday, August 8, 2016

Technology is King

This is our great grandmother Polly. She epitomizes my mood.  It isn't a good mood.  There have been some challenges that I haven't quite taken in stride.  We had our 7th power outage of the summer yesterday.  Right now it is working (hence the blog post).  These power outages are not the result of weather.  They are because of equipment failure.  All I'm going to say is I'm waiting patiently for the power company to make things right.  If they don't I will have to channel my inner "grandma Polly" and let them know how I really feel.  Which begs the question.....what do you do when your power goes out?  You can go shopping.... Shopping somewhere air-conditioned and with working light bulbs.  You can clean (ugh) and straighten your fabric shelves.
What you can't do is do any work on the computer. You can't cook, sew, iron, or read a book after dark.  I survived. Other people have much greater challenges, but it is aggravating when it seems absolutely unnecessary.  

Ok, end of rant.

I had a great weekend at Elk Grove Wisconsin at Patched Works Quilt Shop.  I would love to show you pictures, but it seems any photo I took and put on Instagram - I cannot access right now. Except this one - Julie is going to have a Portage Lake Block of the Month club starting in October at Patched Works!

The great news is that Grand Traverse Bay fabric from Moda has shipped/or is being shipped right now to your local quilt shops.

This quilt is Martin Place - made with a Fat Quarter bundle and background fabric.  It makes a king size quilt (or smaller if you prefer)

I'm going to take advantage of our electricity and try to get some work done today.  Keep your fingers crossed.



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