Wednesday, June 29, 2016


How did the time get away from me.  My last post for Memorial Day weekend and now the 4th of July weekend is creeping up on us.  Life keeps on lifing and all is good here.  Polly and I took a trip to Nebraska and I'm been stitching away every evening.  Here is my progress so far on the Star A Day quilt....

These are 6 of the 9 sections needed for the finished quilt. It's kind of neat to see them spread out like that.  They have a kind of patriotic look, don't they?

We have been lucky with the weather here and the summer has been lovely.  The Farmer's Market has been bursting with berries and cherries.  I even attempted this on Father's Day.....

I had to steal this picture from the internet because we were too late to capture mine with a photo. It disappeared fast.  Mine looked just like this one - maybe even neater.  Here is the recipe I used to make Norwegian Strawberry Cake.

If you've been following along on Instagram (I have to admit Instagram is so much easier than blogging.  A quick photo and accompanying sentence instead of a planned post).  Anyway, I've been posting some patriotic quilts and rugs.  Asked why, I said because I can.  Some people took that to mean because of Freedom, Liberty and all that.  That's true, but my first thought was that Polly and I have quite the inventory of patriotic quilts and rugs. What better time to bring them out, so to speak.

The Victory Girl quilt from the book of the same name

Beach Girl

Sand Pails from our first book - Folk Art Friends   

Beach Boy


The Spirit of Sacagawea from the book of the same name.

Crossed Flags from Victory Girls

V is For Victory from the Victory Girls book 

Memorial Day

Patriotic Kitties from Victory Girls

 Hug a dog and cat today.  This is a tough weekend for them. Poor Gibby wants to outlaw firecrackers.



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