Friday, May 6, 2016

The Airing Of The Quilts

All the quilts are back from the long arm quilter and they developed some creases being boxed up and shipped.  It was a gorgeous day today and I realized you haven't seen many of these close up - in their natural habitat.  This is Martin Place.  This is a large, yet simple quilt - made all the more yummy with some great quilting.

This is Miller Avenue.  It is being photographed ON Miller Avenue.  

This is Ric Rac.  It was a delight to hand quilt (in the style of UK strippy quilts).  I have included the hand quilting patterns and a few of my hand quilting tips in this pattern too. 

Gibby likes Ric Rac......

He even aired out a few things of is own while he was admiring it.

Portage Lake is finished and ready for a summer by the water.

Daleview really got wrinkled and I'm letting it hang out in the studio until it relaxes.

We hope you get to get out in the sunshine this weekend.  Remember we have a holiday on Sunday.  In honor of Mother's Day - everything in our Etsy store is 15% off this weekend.  Just use the coupon code MOTHER to get your discount.




Susan Kane said...

All are so very beautiful. I love the yellows and blues in the last one (Airdale?) especially!

Susie H said...

Beautiful quilts! Every single one! Gibby airing out = very funny!!! My Gracie lays the same way in complete abandonment!

Hildy said...

Beautiful quilts!

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing such great pics! You know that I love them all - but like Gibby, I have a soft spot for RicRac and Portage Lake! Will you kit these Grand Travers Bay quilts when the fabric is available?

Thrity said...

I love Martin Place!!

robin chapa said...

I'm in a meeting, in the corner, secretly oogling quilt blogs.... I had to stop myself from LAUGHING OUT LOUD at your dog "airing out some things".... that is just hilarious! Very cute dog! (oh, and as always, BEAUTIFUL quilts!)

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