Thursday, March 31, 2016

Grand Traverse Bay and Our New Block Of The Month

We are pleased to announce our latest fabric collection with Moda Fabrics - Grand Traverse Bay.  Grand Traverse Bay was inspired by the colors of that beautiful place on Lake Michigan.
The colors are many shades of blue with some gold and light taupes.  We have had a great time creating things with it!

We are waiting on one more quilt and we will post them and the patterns on Sunday - right here on the blog.

We also want to show you a little something special we have been working on that uses Grand Traverse Bay!

As you can see - it also uses some Miss Scarlet!

This is our new Block of the Month for 2016 - Portage Lake BOM.

What can I tell you about her............. she finishes to 64" x 84" and the BOM will be for 12 months.  Each month you will get a fabric kit for 1/12 of the quilt and you will get the instructions, all fabric for the top and the binding.    The Block of the Month will start at the end of July and run through June 2017.  The cost of the Portage Lake BOM will be $26.00 per month and that INCLUDES USPS PRIORITY SHIPPING TO THE US.  Currently, there is no international shipping. 

We are taking reservations for this Block of the Month (so we know how much fabric to get) and you can get that HERE.  The reservation is $5.00 and that is non-refundable.  

Here are some special instructions if you do decide to make a reservation with us.  When you place your order please add your phone number to the "notes to the seller" part of the order.  We will get back to you asap to get information on shipping and delivery.
We will also have an Aurifil thread kit to go with this.  Whee!!!

We hope you like her as much as we do.  



Saturday, March 19, 2016

Worldwide Quilting Day

We hope you are able to take a few stitches today to celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day!!

I even tried some garment sewing on St. Patrick's Day - green of course. That's Moda's Mochi Dot Linen in particular.  Don't expect me to be wearing it any time soon.  No fault of the fabric.

In the midst of secret sewing, garment sewing, and such - I try to get in a little hand sewing every evening.  It's starting to add up.  You can see that I have 4 of the 9 sections finished in my Star A Day quilt.

Our wishes for a Happy Worldwide Quilting Day isn't just an empty gesture - NO!  We back it up!  Today and tomorrow, in honor of the holiday - our Polly's Stars and Stripes quilt kit is 25% off.

Just use the code - POLLY25 in the coupon code in our Etsy store.



Saturday, March 12, 2016

Back Home

Bill and I are back home after an 8 day get-away.  Yes! EIGHT days.  Believe me, that's a long time away for Mr. Bill.

We visited the Riverwalk in San Antonio....And headed over to La Grange to see the Texas Quilt Museum

We visited family and friends.  A little trip to the Moda Fabric warehouse was squeezed in too!

This is Miss Scarlet!

We are glad to be back and I'm getting into work mode.  Lots and lots of Miss Scarlet was delivered when I was away.  We now have Polly's Stars and Stripes  kit in the Etsy store....

We have kits for Fitzgerald

For anyone who has purchased the Patty's Posies pattern already - we have a correction to the background cutting directions.  We apologize.  Here is the corrected page and a new back cover page (we added a 1/4 yard extra background).  Any patterns that go out from now on will have the correction.

Here is the corrected back cover....
Here are the corrected background cutting directions.


Thanks everyone!



Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Scrap Bin Advocate

I believe we're getting some Miss Scarlet delivered today.  It won't be showing up in our Etsy store for another week - unfortunately.

We are winging our way to someplace warm tomorrow at 6am.   If you place any orders in our shop between now and the rest of the week - they won't be shipped until March 12th.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Have you succumbed to the Splendid Sampler?

I managed to squeeze in some blocks yesterday.  I want to get some more done, but packing awaits me.

I'll appliqué this heart while on vacation.

No yardage will be purchased for this project.  It's all being worked from my scrap bins.  Believe me, that's hardly a handicap.  I can make all my quilts for the rest of my existence from my scrap bin.  That said - I bet I come home from vacation with some fabric goodies.

P.S.  I did list one kit in our Etsy store - the Polly's Stars and Stripes kit.  Just know it will not ship until March 12th.  Thanks!



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