Friday, January 8, 2016

New Starts

Happy New Year (belatedly)!!

I'm psyched for a new year of quilty projects.  This arrived today.....
11 spools of Aurifil thread.  These are in anticipation of new fabric that will arrive at the end of the month.  There will be much sewing going on after that.  I have these 4 new colors in 3 different weights - 50wt, 28 wt, and 12 wt.  Every need will be covered.  Machine piecing, hand appliqué (50wt) hand quilting and hand piecing (28wt), and embroidery and big stitch hand quilting (12wt).  

Thanks for you help in my inventory request.  We sold out of many items and that sure made counting the inventory easy peasy.  Now we have needles, turntable cutting boards, and quilting hoops back in stock.  

Pinch me! I finished my paperwork in regard to taxes.  Everything is counted and added up and ready to hand over to the professionals.  It doesn't look pretty, but it makes sense to me - and it's OVER.

We also got these 3 lovelies in our Etsy store.  They are kitchen toweling from Moda Fabrics.  The blue and white ones are 16" wide and are hemmed on both the top and bottom.  They are a cotton/linen blend.  Perfect for kitchen towels and other stitchery.

Blue Stripe on White Cotton/Linen blend
Blue Windowpane on White Cotton/Linen Blend
Red and Natural Plaid 100% Linen
This red plaid toweling had a wonderful drape.  It is 100% linen and is 23" wide.  It also is hemmed on both the top and bottom.  Not only is this linen great for kitchen towels - it's lovely for any kind of   sewing. It also looks like this red plaid toweling is now sold out and it will not be re-stocked. You have been warned.   

What to do now that my new year chores have been accomplished?  Well, I call it my sew-cation.  Yep, I am now free to sew until the new fabric arrives.  Does that sound crazy? So be it.  It means I can sew at my leisure and sew what I want.  It means I am finishing up projects that have been pushed aside.  Hours of hand quilting and video streaming await me.   




Janet said...

A Sew-cation sounds absolutely marvellous!! I'd love to see progress pictures of your handquilting. Enjoy your stitching :0)

Hildy said...

Happy Sew-cation time! It's great to have time just for you and can do whatever you like. Enjoy!

HannahWinslett said...
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farmhousequilter8 said...

Sounds good to me. I love to see everything you work on.
Paula in KY

Anonymous said...

that was a lot of paper

You won't believe this Agent State Farm

Look at Garage Doors Fair Oaks said...

That's good to know!

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