Wednesday, January 27, 2016

All In A Row Winner

The winner of the All In a Row book is...


Thank you everyone!



Anonymous said...

Really nice book so many patterns with all the great Moda designers.
I played a game with my self, I had to look the blocks and guess the designers,
I did good. I think I must be spending to much time looking at quilting and now my housework.

Kay Lovell said...

Hello Ladies,
Please forgive me for contacting you via your blog but, ....
I have been browsing through old copies of Quilt Mania today in search of inspiration for a very special quilt I must make for a special person. In No. 90, July/August 2012 there is an article on you lovely ladies and a beautiful blue chequerboard quilt on a bed made by Laurie. I am wondering if this quilt is available as a pattern or in one of your books, this is just perfect for my special project.
Thank you so much for reading this.
Adelaide. South Australia

Laurie said...


Your google ID doesn't have an email address attached to it - so I have to answer here. All of the quilts featured in that article are in our book Quilts and Rugs published by Quiltmania. You can purchase from our etsy store or from Quiltmalnia, or from quilt shops that carry Quiltmania books. I hope this helps.


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