Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gifts in a Jiffy

I have a couple ideas for hand-made, hand-sewn Holiday gifts.  I bringing back this oldie, but goodie.This was our Wool Penny Rug Table Runner that came out with the Independence Trail wools.

I realized today that the size of this runner - 16" x 27" is not only quick to stitch up - I have a whole other way to go with it.

I have some of the Moda Toweling in my stash that is finished at 16" wide!!!!! Yep - it's all ready to go - just hem the other 2 sides - or add these stitched "tongues" like the original.  There are many different options and colors of Moda Toweling.  I'll list these 2 options in our Etsy shop.

You can of course use wool like the original.  You can also stitch up your wool scraps on toweling for the appliqué.  Me?  I have lots and lots of cotton scraps - so that will be the new version of this table runner.
I'm auditioning a few right now.  

Here is the pattern download.....
Here is the blue stripe on natural.....   Here is the white stripe on Natural

Hope you have lots of time to start and finish some hand made gifts.  


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Shannon Wallace said...

What a FANTASTIC idea! I only wish I had bought the Moda toweling while I was back in the States visiting one of my favorite quilt shops!!! Thank you for sharing, and for the free pattern. :)

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