Sunday, November 22, 2015


I've been ticking things off my eternal "to-do" list.  Most of my responsibilities have been fulfilled and I'm free to work on future projects.  Some are top-secret for the time being.  Appliquéing some large stars might, or might not, be part of one of these projects.......

Filling up the odd moment will these perpetual 3" Lemoyne stars is always satisfying. Even when some people think it's proof of something off-kilter in my demeanor.

Are travel plans in your near future? Polly and I just got back from New York City for a quick visit.  We were too early this year for most of the holiday windows, but the good news was -  the weather was perfect.
This 5 foot tall planter was just outside the door at John Derian's in the bowery.  What a lovely shop. Hope your travel plans go on without a hitch.

We've been thinking about all of you.  You have many things that tug at your free time, yet you seem to keep checking in on us to see what we've been up to.  We appreciate it.  Your time is especially dear this time of year when social and family responsibilities take up much of your day. We can relate.  Besides all of this quilt and fabric hoo-ha, we are also women with families.  Your support is fantastic.  In honor of that, we want you to know everything in our Etsy store is on sale until Thanksgiving day.  Just add the coupon code - THANKS to your order and receive 20% off. (I believe you have to add THANKS all in capital letters for the code to work).  For all you do - get a gift for yourself this holiday season.  




Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love your star quilt! And that plant is gorgeous~ wish I had that kind of green thumb! Happy Thanksgiving!!

livelymonkey said...

Did you rotary cut the pieces for the Lemoyne Stars using the acrylic templates or trace around and cut with scissors?

Laurie said...


These templates are so small that I trace. They are made to be used that way. You trace both the sewing line and the cutting line. Thanks


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