Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hope you are all well and have lots of stitching projects ready for the winter months. (Hope you have some projects ready too - you folks in the Southern Hemisphere)
I love using Karen Kay Buckley's circle templates for appliqué, but I dropped a couple this week in the studio.  I'm still looking for them.  If I knew how much I would be using them I might have picked out a different shade of carpet.

This is what I made this morning and no circle templates were used or lost in the process.....

These were featured in the Moda Home booth at International Quilt Market last month.  It's a handy dandy fabric bin that collapses flat for storage and travel (another nifty thing to pack for a quilting retreat).  I always need a little bin next to me when I'm stitching for threads and scraps too tiny to save. (Granted, there aren't many too tiny to save when you are an appliquér)

This is the pattern for it.  It takes 1 fat quarter of fabric, fusible interfacing if necessary (I didn't use any for this cotton-linen blend), and 4 safety pins.  Included in the pattern are the directions, the spring that makes it all work, the label, and the elastic band that holds it together when it is flat.
Nifty. We have a few of them in our Etsy store.

Polly and I are off on a little trip tomorrow.




badlandsquilts said...

I just got this pattern at my LQS last week...looks like a great gift to make for quilty friends!

Yvonne said...

What a cute fat quarter pop-up!
Yes, I do have a project that will help me through winter. I am making the Dear Jane Quilt from Jane Stickle with your Grant Park fabrics. Finally got the 169 blocks of the center part done and started with the border blocks.
If you want to take a look at how it is looking: http://stitchinbitch-yvonne.blogspot.com

Vicky said...

I love those circles. Which reminds me, I haven't seen those since the move. Time to get the last few boxes unpacked.

http://uk-essay-reviews.com/ said...

Those circles are really helpful when you need to keep something on your table. As for me they are very useful cause I can keep there all my pencils or brushes.

Martine said...

I am working on a Mrs. Billings quilt and desperately on the search for the background that you used.do you know if it is still available? and where? Thanks!!Martine

Laurie said...


I used one of the tan on cream shirtings from Indigo Crossing. I think any tan on cream print could work. We always have several with every fabric grouping.


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