Tuesday, October 27, 2015

After The Storm

It takes more than a hurricane to stop the quilt industry.  We came, we bought, we sold, we networked.  Fall Quilt Market 2015 was a success.

We even had a celebration.  Congratulations to the Dunn Family and to our extended Moda Family - for 40 great years!

And now - let us introduce Miss Scarlet

The applique quilt with the triangle center is called Patty's Posies.  It is now available for sale in our Etsy store. The little quilt on the bottom is called Polly's Stars and Stripes. It's there too!
This quilt is called Fitzgerald.  Last, but not least is Glad Tidings.
All 4 are available in paper form - and here are the links to the downloads - Patty's Posies Download   Polly's Stars and Stripes Download     Fitzgerald Download    Glad Tidings Download

Also fresh from Houston are 2 more patterns that we re-stocked - Mrs. Billings is now in stock as is Star A Day - both from Somerset Patchwork.

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Anonymous said...

Laurie your video is broken . It says private ??

Hildy said...

Love your new fabric collection and your quilts! White and red is a classic for a reason:-)

Janet said...

love love love!

Glad you survived!

sue said...

All new featured quilts are stunning and amazed at how much you accomplish!

Elizabeth said...

Such stunning quilts! Thanks for the update!

Sue Johnson said...

Gorgeous. I just HAVE to make a red and white quilt now. You're such an inspiration.

Melissa said...


Unknown said...

Oh they all look so wonderful but how could they go wrong when there is a Scarlet involved. Red and white is always in fashion.

Www.top5essaywritingservicesuk.blogspot.com said...

I like the Fitzgerald pattern very much. It looks a little bit unusual.

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