Friday, September 4, 2015

Polka Dots and Paisleys Has Arrived!

I got most of my shipment in today and all of you who pre-ordered Polka Dot and Paisley kits during our American Summer sale will get them very soon.
While cutting the kits, I discovered I could eke out a few more kits.  I have updated our Etsy store to reflect this.  As of right now..... I have 3 of the Polka Dot Garden kits.
Polka Dot Garden is the quilt in the middle

We have 2 more of the Harbor Springs Kit....

You can find it HERE
Also 2 more of Sweet William......

You can find them HERE

I also have some backing fabrics for your Polka Dots and Paisley quilts......

These colors are just perfect for our upcoming Holiday weekend, aren't they?  I hope you and your family have a grand last fling of summer.  If you want a great recipe - I can recommend this one.  We had it for dinner as all the ingredients came from the Farmer's Market yesterday.  I guess I would describe it as sort of a mix between a German potato salad and corn chowder.  Weird, I know, but it was delicious.  Just about anything from SmittenKitchen is!




Pam said...

So excited!! I love that large paisley design - especially the multi colored one! I had already pre-ordered a frivols tin (didn't know you were going to have them in your etsy shop) but I couldn't resist getting a second one from you - now, I can make one to use and keep the other one in it's tin. Moda sure knows us well :)

kathiquilts said...

Lauri -
Smitten Kitchen got that recipe from the Beekman Boys -- You have to check out all three of their Cookbooks: Heirloom, Heirloom Desserts, and Heirloom Vegetables --- each one is an absolute treasure trove of recipes as good as the corn chowder salad -- you won't be disappointed!

Unknown said...

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Vicky said...

I received my preorder this week from FQS. Didn't remember I had ordered a half yard bundle, but, wow, I was so happy when it arrived. I want/need to make another Hurrah. There's someone I would love to gift one to, but I can't bear to part with mine. I'm going to try my best to make-do from my stash so I won't have to cut into these lovelies just yet!

Missouri Table And Chair said...
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