Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slowdown Sunday

The remodel is done (except for painting the door and replacing glass in the window).  The final inspection is in a few days.  I've actually been working in my new space this week and it's functioning very, very well.

 I'm getting back into the swing of things.  The drafting table is ready to go and the 6ft cutting table is working very well - with a top secret project in progress.  That mess on the bottom right is Gibby's bed.  He's very good company throughout the creative process.
 The fabric is all stacked neatly - with room to spare.  I've been working with this stash all week and it's still tidy.  Shall we take bets on how long it stays that way?
 The neatness moves over onto the other wall.  I'm a happy gal.
The new shower is pretty nifty too.

I even managed to install Roku on the tv.  That means Netflix and Acorn tv is alive and well in the studio.  British murder mysteries 24/7.

I now have a design wall.  Never had one before and I'm pinching myself.  Here it is holding ALL of the Log Cabin Swap blocks.  If I buckle down, I might get these all pieced together before my next trip later this week.

My Star A Day blocks are starting to add up too.

I made a spectacular peach upside-down cake last night.  The recipe makes a small 8" x 8" cake and the fresh peaches at the Farmer's Market were wonderful.  Here is the recipe.



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

WIP Wednesday

This is a late post for a Work In Progress Wednesday - and it's not the usual WIP

You would think a simple remodel wouldn't take up 6 months of our lives - but you would be wrong.  The new studio is not finished, but ALMOST.

I'm typing this right now in the studio and the new tv is sort of hooked up.  I can get cable, and it says it's hooked up to wi-fi but I can't connect to streaming tv.

The more modern conveniences we have the more complicated life becomes.  The cable guy is stopping by tomorrow for the 3rd time this week.  We're becoming pals.

This was a few days ago and I actually cut some quilt kits on my new cutting table.  Ignore the rest of the chaos in the background.

This cutie (who was rescued from a local flea market) is guarding my thread cabinet.  All my threads in one place.  I get kind of choked up just thinking about it.

This sits just to the right of my computer and holds ice cold bottled water and Coke Life and possibly 1 bottle of Coca Cola in the tiny glass bottle.  Swoon.

This is the desk that Bill built for me.  The bare spot in the middle will hold my sewing machine and underneath the remote controls is my ironing board.  I'm trying to ignore all the electrical cords that are messing up my pristine, orange, view.

So, that's my WIP this week.  My goal is to actually have a quilty project to show you next week.  Fingers crossed.



Saturday, August 1, 2015

Going In The Right Direction

Is the studio finished? No, but it's starting to shape up.

Gibby approves of the new quilt storage shelves.  Bill converted the bedroom closet to hold lots of quilts.  
My new stitching chair is calling out to me.
New white metal shelves from ikea will hold fabric.  This back wall of the studio is basement level, while the front of the studio is 1st floor level.  We are built into the side of a hill.
Oh look!  It didn't take me long to start putting things away!
Bill is putting together my cutting table.  I'm thrilled that I'll be able to have a huge cutting mat to fit.

In other news.......We have just gotten these into our Etsy store!! These template grips are invaluable for small acrylic templates (like Star A Day and Mrs. Billings Coverlet).  You can find them HERE in our store.

This is how I apply them on my Star A Day templates.  I cut them in half to fit on the small edge.  This makes a HUGE difference.  I'm sorry we didn't have them in stock before, but it's not too late.



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