Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Catch Up

Not a whole lot to report, but I'll scour through my photos on my phone and get you up to date.

This happened yesterday.... I finished the all blue - Austin Bluebird Sampler

I'm going to hand quilt this - in a big stitch.

We are working on new patterns (sorry - no peeks) and waiting for our new fabric.  Sigh.  I would have liked it yesterday - as one of our patterns is a bit... what should I say....."ambitious" and I need all the time I can get.

We've added some of Moda's wonderful Linen Mochi Dot fabrics in our Etsy store.  We now have Sand, Putty, and Orange.  These 30% linen and 70% cotton blends are wonderful for quilts, clothing or home dec.  They are a bit heavier than 100% cotton quilt fabric - but they still sew up beautifully.

I've had questions about the pending studio situation.  It's coming along.  It always takes longer than you think, but things like permits, and inspections keep things on a slower pace.

 As you can see, we have all the necessary documents.  The ceilings have been replaced (after all the new wiring).
 The tile in the walk-in shower and the bathroom walls are installed and grouted.
 We are waiting on more floor tile.  All the fixtures are in crates in the garage waiting for the floor to be finished.
All drywall is installed and taped and the painter will be next.  The flooring is ordered and we have to schedule installation.  After many, many ideas about the floor - we have decided on carpet.  This lower level can get much colder than the rest of the house in the winter, and our last 2 winters have swayed us toward carpet.

We chose the glass doors for the shower this morning and on our way home - decided to treat ourselves to a lovely lunch to start the weekend.
(You know I'm struggling for blog content when I have to show pictures of my lunch)

Have a great weekend.




Jacqueline said...

Because the linen mochi is not 100% cotton can you safely combine it with cotton in a quilt or do you need to prewash both fabrics first?

LOVE your blue Austin.

Laurie said...

@ Jacqueline

I've used it in several quilts and a bag. I wouldn't treat it any differently than regular quilting fabrics. If you pre-wash - go ahead and pre-wash. If you don't - then don't.


Sherrill said...

The last cruise I was on there were a few ladies at our table that had to take a picture of EVERY plate brought to them. I was thinking "REALLY? Is there anyone who wants to see all your food?!!" And ugh I'm getting ready to start a master bath remodel AND trying to buy/lease a new car. Do not like it one bit!!

Susan said...

OOOH, no peeks! Can't wait to see the new goodies!

Barbara said...

I hope you'll show pics of your big stitch quilting as it progresses. It will help me decide how to quilt my Austin Bluebird by hand as well.

Janet said...

Ooooh I love ambitious projects!! I look forward to seeing it :0) I think your all blue and white Austin Bluebird looks fabulous! It will be lovely with the added texture of your handquilting. I'm impatiently waiting for polka dots and Paisleys to come out.

Sue Johnson said...

I love your blue Austin Bluebird Sampler! And you've finished it so quickly I'm really jealous. I'm on month 7 of my Austin Bluebird and the appliqué block is taking me forever. All those little curves on the flowers. I'm really slow with my appliqué, but at least I usually like the look when I'm finished.

Can't wait to see your new patterns and your blue Austin Bluebird quilted. You're such an inspiration!

Dondi M said...

The Austin bluebird looks beautiful in blue! I'm so sorry the class for the Austin Bluebird fell apart at my LQS. I so hope you are having a new big sampler for next year...hint, hint. But, if not, I could just buy the Austin Bluebird pattern and make my own. There is always a way. Always. Always. Your renovations look awesome!

Unknown said...

that was a healthy lunch indeed ;)
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Carrie said...

Your meals are always so much more appealing than most because... ummm... you've got really great taste. (No pun intended... thought maybe it is.)

Ambitious is good - something to aspire to. Woohoo! Though on a completely selfish note, here's hoping that having to wait for fabric means that you'll have time for a quick trip to Texas in August. Fingers crossed - it would be fun. (If you don't mind an Aero bed or the couch and sharing a bathroom, we can make it all work.)

I am so looking forward to seeing the studio finished. Not having spent any winters in Michigan, I will have to take your word for the need/desire for carpet in the sewing room. (As opposed to trying to guess what sort of penalty the apartment folks would charge if I took out the carpet in my sewing room...) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your studio progresses quickly and smoothly - you've got gorgeous, awesome fabric coming "eventually" and you'll need the space to work.

Anna A said...
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PamKittyMorning said...

Ahhh the struggle is real.. for blog content that is! But yummy... feeling a lot of envy worthy things going on here.

quiltygal said...

Love love love this was wondering how it would look all blue, as I am not a red person, it looks great am sooooooooo tempted. I am just finishing the last rows of Nantucket done in Lexington it's looking fantastic :)

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