Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Good Morning everyone!  Good to be back.  I hope you have had a good summer so far.  It's been beautiful here and only one day of muggy weather so far. //fingers crossed//  

What has been going on here is a whole lot of hurry up and waiting.  The studio renovation is in progress.  It's been much slower than we anticipated.  There has been waiting for permits, inspections, and more waiting for back ordered tile.  You know the drill.  New stuff waits in the garage to be put together and I'm still running back and forth to the storage unit to find needed books and sewing tools.  I did score some nice storage baskets at Home Goods last week.  Whee!  It's starting to feel real.
 All of this hasn't stopped me from sewing. Oh no.  I'm taking part in a sewing swap.  It's kind of the perfect time as I've gotten my next patterns designs down on paper in preliminary sketches and we are waiting for the new fabrics to begin work on them.  In the meantime.......... I started the Log Cabin Swap.  Here are my fabrics on the line after being spray starched into oblivion.  Carrie's blog post about Lisa Bongean's technique piqued my interest.
I cut my strips and set to work.  Obviously, chaos is my spirit animal.
I was just getting into it when we lost power on Saturday afternoon.  Why? Who knows.  No wind, no lightning, just a soft gentle rain all day long.  By Sunday morning Detroit Edison finally had an update on their website.  Expect to be without power for another 30 hours, it said.  Ugh.  What to do?? It was even too dark to do hand work.  Couldn't run the dishwasher, clothes washer, or vacuum. Rats.   I packed up my stuff and headed to a dog friendly hotel.
Here is everything I would need for 30 hours of sewing bliss.
Not too shabby of a set-up.  Bill and Gibby were at the dog park.  After one hour of sewing I got a phone call from Bill.  Yes - the power was back on.  Well, I was all comfy and the ballgame was on a big screen tv....... I sewed for 4 more hours, then I packed up to go back to cooking and cleaning.
Here are my blocks in progress.

These are my blocks after.  The 20" block is cut into 4th's and then mixed and matched.  I can't wait to see all the other blocks in the swap.




Janet said...

What an interesting swap! Your block looks fantastic with all of your beautiful fabrics! I'm glad your power came back on :0)

Hildy said...

30 hours without power that's really bad glad you found a place where you could sew;-) Love your block it looks great!

moosecraft said...

Wow! That table in the hotel looks like it was BORN to be a sewing station! lol! The blocks are looking awesome! Love that tote with the paisley fabric on it! :-)

Michele P said...

Beautiful blocks. Looks like a great way to use up scraps....hmmmm, I think I will go make a few.

Unknown said...

welcome back... enjoying vacation with our family is the best day ever..
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Melissa said...

Your blocks are beautiful!
I would have stayed at the hotel for the night. I would have sewed until my eyes gave out (or there were no more games on MLB) and then taken a long, quiet peaceful nap.

Can't wait to see the finished project.

Are those all your fabrics? Also do you enjoy sewing with your fabrics? (I do!)

Anonymous said...

Where can I find information on the log cabin block swap?

Unknown said...

that was really a great design....
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