Monday, June 15, 2015

American Summer Dale - Day 3

You sure like keeping us busy!

 Thank you for your support!

Ready for some more goodies?  Our notion of the day is the Matilda
revolving cutting mat.
If you ever want to do some fussy type cutting with your rotary cutter - THIS IS THE BOMB. (am I dating myself with that expression?).  I used another rotating mat when I cut out the Mrs. Billings coverlet quilt.  It was a huge help - but I sure wish I had this one. Why? Because it's round and the edges won't catch on things when it rotates.  Also, because it rotates on ball bearings and is smooth, smooth, smooth.  It is 15" across and it's a good size bigger than the one I used.  It is perfect for Mrs. Billings, like I mentioned before - it will also be great for the Star-A-Day quilts.  We have those patterns too in our Etsy store.  
The price of the Matilda Rotating Mat is $75.00 and you can find it HERE.

Today we will offer some patriotic quilt patterns for a special price..... Both of these digital patterns will be $5.00 today.
Liberty Road Quilt Pattern

Hurrah Digital Quilt Pattern
Today's One Of A Kind item is this...

This is an antique wire basket filled with 14 different pieces of hand dyed wool.  Polly says the total yardage is over 8 yards.  The price of this is $125.00 and you can find it HERE.

Again, whatever you order here - use the coupon code SALEDAY3 and get 10% off.

Today's auction item is this.
Yes, we have another one of these...... The only difference is that the 2 antique pieces (the pincushion and the needlepoint scissor case) - won't be in this one.  Don't worry - Polly put in other antique sewing notions - and MORE.   You get the same Shaker box, the needles, the thread, the fabric, the pattern, the playing cards..... you know the drill.  The starting price is $125.00.  Again, portions of the proceeds will go to Semper Fi and the Humane Society.


Polly and Laurie


Pam said...

Me please! $130.00.

Stacy Lindblom said...

I bid $150.00 on the auction. thanks!

Pam said...

$175.00 please - Thank You!

Miccosukee said...

Sorry I can't bid on the auction but I spend the last of my monthly discretionary funds ordering the basket of Polly's wool. Thanks so much!


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