Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Good Morning everyone!  Good to be back.  I hope you have had a good summer so far.  It's been beautiful here and only one day of muggy weather so far. //fingers crossed//  

What has been going on here is a whole lot of hurry up and waiting.  The studio renovation is in progress.  It's been much slower than we anticipated.  There has been waiting for permits, inspections, and more waiting for back ordered tile.  You know the drill.  New stuff waits in the garage to be put together and I'm still running back and forth to the storage unit to find needed books and sewing tools.  I did score some nice storage baskets at Home Goods last week.  Whee!  It's starting to feel real.
 All of this hasn't stopped me from sewing. Oh no.  I'm taking part in a sewing swap.  It's kind of the perfect time as I've gotten my next patterns designs down on paper in preliminary sketches and we are waiting for the new fabrics to begin work on them.  In the meantime.......... I started the Log Cabin Swap.  Here are my fabrics on the line after being spray starched into oblivion.  Carrie's blog post about Lisa Bongean's technique piqued my interest.
I cut my strips and set to work.  Obviously, chaos is my spirit animal.
I was just getting into it when we lost power on Saturday afternoon.  Why? Who knows.  No wind, no lightning, just a soft gentle rain all day long.  By Sunday morning Detroit Edison finally had an update on their website.  Expect to be without power for another 30 hours, it said.  Ugh.  What to do?? It was even too dark to do hand work.  Couldn't run the dishwasher, clothes washer, or vacuum. Rats.   I packed up my stuff and headed to a dog friendly hotel.
Here is everything I would need for 30 hours of sewing bliss.
Not too shabby of a set-up.  Bill and Gibby were at the dog park.  After one hour of sewing I got a phone call from Bill.  Yes - the power was back on.  Well, I was all comfy and the ballgame was on a big screen tv....... I sewed for 4 more hours, then I packed up to go back to cooking and cleaning.
Here are my blocks in progress.

These are my blocks after.  The 20" block is cut into 4th's and then mixed and matched.  I can't wait to see all the other blocks in the swap.



Monday, June 22, 2015

Thank You Everyone!

The sale was a huge success - and a special thank you for all the nice notes we received last week.

 Polly and I are going to take a day off now.


Polly and Laurie

Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 7 Of The American Summer Sale - The Last Day

It sure has been fun.  We've had a blast and Semper Fi and the Humane Society thank you!

Our last kit is the Harbor Springs kit
Harbor Springs is a nifty antique reproduction quilt in red, white and blue! She measures 68" x 85" and uses the upcoming collection Polka Dot and Paisleys.  This is a Pre-Sale kit as the fabric ships in August and the kits will be cut then.  You can find the kit HERE.

Our pattern sale today is the digital download of Harbor Springs!

You can find it HERE 

We also have a bundle of wool.
This lovely wool is 3 yards - 1 each of red, white, and blue. The wool is washed and ready to be used for rug hooking or stitchery.  You can find it HERE.

Our special sale item is the very few remaining Austin Bluebird Sampler kits that we have.
We aren't kidding when we say we only have a few.  You get the complete kit of over 18 yards of fabric, the pattern and the nifty box!
You can find them HERE 

Remember to use the coupon code for today - LASTDAY for 20% off!!!!  20% off everything in our Etsy store until midnight June20th.

This brings us to the last auction of the American Summer Sale...
This is one Shaker basket stuffed full! It has a Fat Quarter Bundle™of Crazy For Red, a Jelly Roll™ of Polka Dot and Paisleys, The Salesman sampler cards of Polka Dot and Paisleys (which gives you tons more yardage) The large Aurifil Thread Box for Austin Bluebird Sampler, The Tulip Hiroshima Needle Gift Box, Ginger scissors, Quilty playing cards, a hand made purse, and much more!  We're starting this auction at $200.00 and you can make your bids by commenting on this blog post before midnight Eastern Standard time.  You know the drill.... portions of all the auctions go to Semper Fi and the Humane Society.

It's been fun, ya'll but we're going to take a nap.


Polly and Laurie

Thursday, June 18, 2015

American Summer Sale Day 6

Polly and I are thinking of taking a vacation in July.  We'll keep you posted.  Posted. Hah!  Our postman loves us this week.

Anyway, we are winding down to the next to the last day.  Our kit today is the PRE-SALE of the Sweet William kits.
Sweet William is made with our upcoming fabric collection - Polka Dot and Paisleys.  The fabric doesn't ship until August, so your kits will be shipped then.  The top measures 82" x 82" and you can find the kit HERE

 Our notion of the day are the Karen Kay Buckley 4" Perfect Scissors.
I love these for all sorts of stitching, but particularly appliqué.  The super sharp tips let you make accurate cuts.  They have a special price today of $17.76 and you can find them HERE.

We have another coupon code today - can you guess what it is? Its SALEDAY6 and you get 15% off everything!!

Our auction item today is this.

This is Lizzie a crazy cat stitched by me.  You can bid on her in the comments of this blog post before midnight Eastern Standard time.  The bid for Lizzie starts at $50.00.  Partial proceeds of all auctions go to Semper Fi and the Humane Society.  Make sure to leave your email address in the post so we can contact you.


Polly and Laurie

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

American Summer Sale - Day 5

Are you still with us? Hope so!

Let's see, what do we have for you today?
We managed to kit up a few of these - Stars & Bars kits.  That tone on tone red from Crazy For Red will be the red stripes and we have some assorted Minick and Simpson indigoes and shirtings.  The Star bunting is there too.  You can find the kits HERE.

We even have JUST the pattern available - we have a few left.  Today they will be on sale for $5.00 until they are gone - you can find them HERE

 Our favorite notion of the day are these spiffy nested project bags.

I am using these bags right now and they carry everything for my appliqué and I know exactly where everything is.  They fit great in my suitcase too.   You can find them HERE

They come in Red too....

We have another little kit for you today.  You might remember when I made these....

The kit has everything you need to make the bottom purse.  It has the frame, the heavy duty thread, the Moda Candy™ pre-cut and the instructions and they can be found   HERE
Today's AUCTION is for one of Polly's beautiful rugs...

You can save on all of these items by using the special coupon code at check out - 2MOREDAYS for a 10% discount

(yes I know the coupon code is a bit different today - my bad)

The Patriotic Mermaid! She measures 10" x 28"  You can bid on her by posting your bid in the comments here before midnight Eastern Standard time.  Of course, partial proceeds of all the auctions go to Semper Fi and the Humane Society.  The bids on her start at $150.00.

Only 2 more days left.....

Polly and Laurie

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

American Summer Sale - Day 4

Are you still with us? Still excited? Great!

Our book special today is....
This is one of our favorites. It has this directions for this quilt.
And this rug..
And lots more.  The book is on sale today for the patriotic price of $17.76 and you can find it HERE.

The notion today is the Fine Line Blue Washout Marker

This marker is another one of my favorites for marking a quilt for quilting.  The line is very fine and with just a spritz of water - the lines come out.  You can find them HERE.

Our One Of A Kind item is this...
The last 4 rolls of Minick and Simpson American Flag twill tape known to exist.  Well, at least there is no more in the Moda warehouse because we bought it all - and this is what's left.  There is 25 yards of twill tape on a spool and it's great for 4th of July decorating or just wrapping gifts.  That's what we do with it.  The special close-out price is $30.00 per spool and you can find it HERE

The download pattern special today is 
Birmingham Stripe and it's on sale today for $5.00 and you can find it HERE. 

Guess what - yes we have a coupon code today - its SALEDAY4 and use it in the Etsy store to get an additional 10% off the items.

The auction item today is this beautiful hooked rug designed and hooked by Polly
 It's about 10" wide and about 25" long.  It's perfect for that winter holiday decorating.  You know how this works - the starting bid is $125.00 and you bid by making a comment on this blog post.  Bids will be taken until midnight Eastern Standard time tonight.  Remember, a portion of all proceeds  go to our favorite charities Semper Fi and the Humane Society.


Polly and Laurie

Monday, June 15, 2015

American Summer Dale - Day 3

You sure like keeping us busy!

 Thank you for your support!

Ready for some more goodies?  Our notion of the day is the Matilda
revolving cutting mat.
If you ever want to do some fussy type cutting with your rotary cutter - THIS IS THE BOMB. (am I dating myself with that expression?).  I used another rotating mat when I cut out the Mrs. Billings coverlet quilt.  It was a huge help - but I sure wish I had this one. Why? Because it's round and the edges won't catch on things when it rotates.  Also, because it rotates on ball bearings and is smooth, smooth, smooth.  It is 15" across and it's a good size bigger than the one I used.  It is perfect for Mrs. Billings, like I mentioned before - it will also be great for the Star-A-Day quilts.  We have those patterns too in our Etsy store.  
The price of the Matilda Rotating Mat is $75.00 and you can find it HERE.

Today we will offer some patriotic quilt patterns for a special price..... Both of these digital patterns will be $5.00 today.
Liberty Road Quilt Pattern

Hurrah Digital Quilt Pattern
Today's One Of A Kind item is this...

This is an antique wire basket filled with 14 different pieces of hand dyed wool.  Polly says the total yardage is over 8 yards.  The price of this is $125.00 and you can find it HERE.

Again, whatever you order here - use the coupon code SALEDAY3 and get 10% off.

Today's auction item is this.
Yes, we have another one of these...... The only difference is that the 2 antique pieces (the pincushion and the needlepoint scissor case) - won't be in this one.  Don't worry - Polly put in other antique sewing notions - and MORE.   You get the same Shaker box, the needles, the thread, the fabric, the pattern, the playing cards..... you know the drill.  The starting price is $125.00.  Again, portions of the proceeds will go to Semper Fi and the Humane Society.


Polly and Laurie

Sunday, June 14, 2015

American Summer SALE - Day 2

Whew, that was fun.  Are you ready for Day 2?

Our notion of the day is the Hera marker.  It's our favorite handy-dandy tool when we are marking quilts for quilting.  It is perfect for marking straight lines.  You see, you just run this butter-knife-looking-thingy along side your ruler and it makes a perfect sharp crease in your top.  The crease stays in for a couple of days - and you never have to worry about any pencil marks not washing out.
You can find it HERE

Our special One Of A Kind item is this....
We have 2 vintage 1940's Halloween paper baskets filled with 14 Fat Quarters of Scaredy Cat - our now extinct Halloween fabric collection.  This one of a kind goodie won't last long and you can find it HERE.

We still have some Gift Bags from yesterday - you can find them HERE. 

Polly has made up a special rug hooking kit for the sale.

The price of the kit is (hand drawn linen with finished edge, all the hand dyed wool needed to hook it)   $175.00 and you can find it HERE. The finished rug finishes at 17.5" x 24"

Also, all items ordered today can get an additional 10% of with the coupon code SALEDAY2

And now for today's auction item. (Remember - to bid on the auction item you need to leave a comment on this blog post with your bid - and leave your email address so we can contact the winner) The auction will be until midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Here is an original rug designed and hooked by Polly Minick.  It measures 19" x 19".  This auction starts at $125.00.  Again, a portion of the proceeds for the auction will go to Semper Fi and the Humane Society.

Thank you everyone

Polly and Laurie

Saturday, June 13, 2015

American Summer Sale - DAY 1

Welcome to our American Summer Sale!!  Starting today and for the next week - we will post all things Americana and Minick and Simpson for our American Summer Sale.  There will be one-of-a-kind items, notions, books, pattern, kits, and everyday we will have an auction for a special needful thing.

I'll show you what's for sale today with the links to our Etsy store.  Let's start now......

Our first item is the American Summer Gift Bag!

Each bag contains a miniature sand pail, candle, star shaped guest soap, a Minick and Simpson quilt pattern, 3 Fat 8th's of Minick and Simpson fabric, patriotic pencils, patriotic key chain, patriotic straws, red white and blue cupcake papers, patriotic fancy tooth picks - and more!  We have a limited supply of these and they are priced at $17.76.  You can find them HERE.

The kit we will be offering today is the Polka Dot Garden PRE-SALE kit.  Yes, we will take orders now and we will send along when the fabric ships in October.
Polka Dot Garden quilt

These are a sample of the background fabrics that will be in your kit.  They are half Minick and Simpson shirtings from Polka Dot and Paisleys and the other half are selected shirtings from other Moda fabric collections.  These will start shipping in August through October - that is why we will only be able to ship the kits in October.  All the applique fabrics will be from Minick and Simpson collections.

You kit includes all the fabric for the top and binding and the pattern.  The quilt finishes to 65" x 74" and the price is $125.00.

Our notions of the day is Aurifil 12 wt thread - the thread we use for Big Stitch hand quilting.

This is the blue thread I used when I hand quilted Polka Dot Garden.  It is color  2715. You can find it HERE.
This is a basic everyday color - color 2311 and it is HERE
This is navy color 2745 and it is HERE

This is the thread I used to quilt Nightingale - a perfect red for all Minick and Simpson fabrics - color 2230 and it is HERE

The special item today is, of course, Polly's American Summer Book and it is HERE

Some things listed above are already at special prices, but you can get an additional 10% off for using the coupon code SALEDAY1 when you check out.  The sale doesn't just apply to the things here - it is for everything in our Etsy store!

Now, on to our special auction item of the day.  First of all - this is how the auction will work.  We will state a starting price and you can bid on the item by mentioning it in a comment here on the blog.  The auction will be open until midnight eastern standard time.  At midnight we will call the auction closed and start putting up the blog post for the next day's sale items and that day's auction.  Are we clear?  Okay, here is today's auction item......

This is a hand made reproduction shaker box (with the maker's signature on the bottom) and all the goodies it holds: 6 packages of Tulip Hiroshima needles, Minick and Simpson Aurifil thread box with 10 spools of thread, stitched scissor holder, scissors, a Polka Dot and Paisley Charm Pack™ a Minick and Simpson pattern, vintage pincushion, quilty playing cards, a more goodies - too much to list.... you will get all in the above picture and more.  The starting price is $125.00. A portion of the proceeds from the auctions will go to Semper Fi and the Humane Society.  Good luck everyone.

Just a few more notes on the American Summer Sale.  Each auction item ends at midnight.  The next days blog post will go up shortly after that.  The Etsy store has shipping for each individual item, but of course, if you order several things - we will combine shipping.  It's just Polly and I working like crazy here, but we will work to get your things out asap and the shipping refunds will be done by us when your items ship.  Most of these items we expect to sell out soon.  


Polly and Laurie

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