Sunday, May 24, 2015

Month 6 of Austin Bluebird Sampler

 I started Month 6 of the Austin Bluebird Sampler a little early.  Knowing my schedule coming up next month, I thought it wise to get it done this holiday weekend or not get it done at all.  What we have here is right side of month 6.  The Crossed Canoe block is actually 4 identical (2 positive and 2 negative in color) paper pieced blocks.  I wish I could tell you I used some nifty paper made especially for paper piecing.  I actually own some, but it is somewhere packed in a storage unit.  I just used what was in my printer. I figured I could fudge it with just these 4 small blocks.  It worked perfectly.  Someone on Instagram accused me of making these super-duper points with just regular machine piecing.  Nope.  Paper piecing it is.  This sampler has you do a little bit of everything.

There were 2 appliqué blocks in Month 6.  The large bluebird block and the melon, or orange peel block.
The melon slices are English Paper Pieced.  I have used this technique before in my Saint Germain quilt.
There are templates provided in Month 6.  I cut the larger template out of plastic and used it to cut out 2 light and 2 dark melons out of the blue and white fabric.  I used the smaller template provided and cut out 4 paper melons.  I glue basted the fabric to the paper.
 You can't see it, but I put glue all along the edge of the paper melon.
 Next, I just noodged the fabric up over the paper edge.  It isn't perfect on the back, but pretty spiffy on the front.
These are the easiest appliqués to stitch down as your edges are all turned for you.  I stitched all the way around the melon then cut a slit in the back side of the background fabric behind the melon and pulled out the paper.
The bluebird block is the exact block we copied from the original antique quilt.  Almost exactly.  I added the cherries. It's goofy, but charming, and it was our starting point of this quilt.  Thank you to the anonymous quilt maker who made it over 100 years ago.

Tomorrow I leave for a lecture/trunk show and 2 classes in Grand Rapids for the West Michigan Quilter's Guild.  I hope to see you there.

Everyone have a peaceful Memorial Day with your loved ones.

P.S.  I just heard from Karen and Paul in Australia that some new Star-A-Day patterns are shipping soon.  I just put them back up in the Etsy store and I will be able to ship to you when I get back from my road trip.

P.P.S. Polly wants me to remind you that our American Summer Sale will start on the14th of June - Flag Day.  There will be lots of red, white, and blue things for you to get for your summer festivities.  




Janet said...

So wish I was going to be in Grand Rapids!!

sunporchquilts said...

I love how it looks in blue! This is great inspiration for me to keep going, I have just finished April and was going to do May yesterday but got sidetracked. Thanks for posting these!

moosecraft said...

Wow! I'm in love with this blue and white version! I think I see a second sampler being made, after the the first one is complete... ;-)

Tina said...

I love the Austin Bluebird Sampler in all blue! I'm still working on the original but it sure is tempting to make a blue one. Beautiful job!!!!

Unknown said...

Hope you have a lot of fun going West! Thx for getting more Star A Day patterns. I can see lots of Red, Cream and Blue 3" stars in my future! The Blue and White version of ABB keeps getting more and more inspiring. Flag Day is now set as an ALARM on my iPhone!

flocoton said...

Very beautiful !

Shanarah said...

very creative design.. simple but beautiful..
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TMQG said...

hi Laurie, can I send you some of my applique paper to try. You use it like your freezer paper - but you don't have to slit the back and take it out.. just leave it in... I think you'd like it! perhaps? if you'd like a sample let me know your address and I'll post you some...

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