Thursday, April 23, 2015

Polka Dot and Paisley Quilts

I sewed the last of the binding down on these quilts today and loaded up the patterns in our Etsy store.  May I introduce.....
From left to right.... Sweet William, Harbor Springs, and Polka Dot Garden.

 Sweet William is half-square triangles, strips, and the centers are from our printed bandana fabric from the Polka Dot and Paisleys collection.  The printed bandanas are a cheater cloth than can be used whole as a great backing for quilts - or cut up and the bandanas used separately.  They were from a collection of a woman's bandanas that were all polka dotted in some way.  We love them. Sweet William is 82" x 82" and the physical pattern is HERE and the digital download is HERE.
 Harbor Springs is our version of an antique quilt.  Isn't she lovely? Pinwheels and baskets all go together quite easily.  She measures 68" x 85" and the physical pattern is HERE and the digital download is HERE.
 Way over on the right is Polka Dot Garden.  This is both an applique quilt and a pieced quilt.  I made it entirely from my scrap basket.  You can use all your Minick and Simpson scraps too.  It measures 65" x 74" and the physical pattern is HERE and the digital download is HERE.  We will have kits of this - or the selling of pre-kits - in June.  Sadly, all the shirtings I am ordering won't get here until August.

 I don't know if you can see my hand quilting, but I quilted it in close rows with big stitch quilting.  The quilting rows are spaced randomly (just to bother some of you.  I'm talking to you Leigh Ann) I used a light blue Aurifil 12wt thread.  I will be stocking this thread in the Etsy store.  I will stock some basic colors that I use - red, cream, light blue, black, and some others.
This is my blue and white Austin Bluebird Sampler in progress.  This is months 1, 2, and 3 sewn together.  I wish I could give you some wisdom on month 3 (the pinwheel, the sailboat and the modified 9 patch on the bottom section).  It is all basically strips, squares, and half square triangles.  No secret tips to pass on - except my personal preference.  I press seams open.  Yes, even for strips and half square triangles.  I know to press to the darker side is easier and faster - and you can nest your seams when you do the 4 patches - but..... I find I do better piecing when I press my seams open.   It the less bulk I think.  That's as much wisdom as I can possibly pass on today.  I'm a little tired.

We hope you like our new additions.  




Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love the quilts! The baskets and pinwheels in Harbor Springs is just adorable...of course you had me with the red setting squares. ;-) Your hand quilting looks awesome!

Janet said...

I just love your Harbour Springs quilt - it has such a great antique feel to it! Those itsy bitsy baskets are little darlings :0) The feathered quilting is wonderful on it as well!

Vicky said...

They're all wonderful! I couldn't pick a favorite

Anonymous said...

Very nice quilts Laurie , I do see your quilting rows it looks lovely . I have been waiting keeping and eye out for the 12 wt thread in your Etsy..
I have so many quilts in the making right now and grand kids that come over too which we love so much . WOW!! so tempted to start a kit !! Thinking !!

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness! They are all gorgeous! Hands down favorite is the Polka Dot Garden... and then Harbor Springs next! I had better get moving on my Bluebird Sampler so I can get going on these two here "guilt free"... lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

You are killing me--I want to make them all--in addition to all the other M&S patterns I have stacked on my cutting table!!

Sharmayne said...

I like all the designs... where can I buy it? thank you..
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kshackabq said...

You've done another great set of quilts. Each is fabulous!

Carol said...

Hi Laurie,
I am doing the Bluebird Sampler and have 10 packages, but have been billed on PayPal for 11. Has one been sent and not received, since April 9th? Or still coming? How many are there suppose to be now and all together? I thought it was 12 total.
Thanks, Carol

Laurie said...


Month 11 was mailed yesterday. You should receive it very soon. Yes, there is one more installment (Month 12) - it will have the final instructions to sew the 2 halves of the quilt together, fabric for the binding, and a special gift.
Month 12 will be mailed sometime in the last 2 weeks of May. I will try to get it out as soon as I can, but it will be after Quilt Market. Expect it around Memorial Day.



Carol said...

Thank you Laurie for the speedy response! I look forward to each Month and would feel terrible if it was lost in the mail.

Debra Himes said...

laurie, Harbor Springs is outstanding - I don't quilt but is all this fabric still available and if so the names of the material - would buy it and have someone make it for me. Thanks, Debra Himes

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