Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Happening

I thought I better check in before you sent out a search party for me.  I'm well.
 We had a nice time a few weeks ago at the University of Michigan Spring game. The Spring game is basically a practice that you can go and watch.  A lot of people showed up to watch.  It was a lovely day.
 Last week, Bill and I went to the Detroit Institute of Arts for a little day trip.  They currently have an exhibit of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.  Unfortunately, you couldn't take pictures in that exhibit, but Diego's mural in the courtyard is always open.  It never ceases to impress.
 While waiting in line for the special exhibit - this is what we saw - Romare Bearden's The Quilting Party.  It's a huge glass mosaic.  There was inspiration everywhere.
 One cannot go to a museum without purchasing something from the gift shop. These horrible - yet beautiful Frida Kahlo socks came home with me.  Frida with a spider monkey.  Please, how could I NOT buy these?
 What else is going on...... Here is a peek at Polka Dot and Paisleys!  The quilts will be coming back from Kari the quilter next week.  I'll have lots of pictures of them then.
This was last night's dinner.  My first and last attempt at a Scotch egg.  It was delicious, but quite rich. A half egg would have sufficed.  You see, it's a soft boiled egg wrapped in sausage, then rolled in bread crumbs and fried.  While yummy - it was quite a production. A whole lot of production for 2 lonely eggs for Bill and I.

This is a new pattern for us - it's called Polka Dot Garden.  The pattern will be on our website next week.  We're proof reading it right now.  It's a scrap pattern.  I posted this on Instagram and got quite a few questions about it.  We will kit it - but it won't be for awhile.  Since it takes so much light shirtings (or low volume) I need to order a whole bunch of them.  It will be weeks before they get shipped to us.  

Which brings me to the next topic..... Polly and I decided we will do a special event this summer.  We are going to have an AMERICAN SUMMER sale!! Starting in June we will post in our Etsy store and especially on this blog - items in a Minick and Simpson style!  We will have some kits - stitchery, hooking and quilting.  We will have gifts!  We will have special ONE OF A KIND gifts that will be auctioned and all will be variations on a theme - a RED, WHITE, and BLUE kind of theme.  The Polka Dot Garden quilt will be a special pre-order kit.

So, start saving your pennies.  I'll be posting lots of updates before the sale happens.  

I might even have more pictures of sporting events.  Bill and I will be going to a baseball game tomorrow.  It's kind of fun now that he is retired. 




Janet said...

I love your Polka Dot Garden. It has such lovely texture from your quilting :0) Those are the most interesting socks I have ever seen!! I'm looking forward to the Polka Dot and Paisleys quilts!

Anonymous said...

Looks good for summer Laurie. My hubby and I go to our local British Pub in Haddonfield NJcalled the Chip Shop where there is also a quilt store . Not that the quilt store is important right ? Anyway, the scotch eggs we get there are hard boiled egg not soft like yours, and the guy mixes in oats into the sausage mixture so that you only get 30 percent meat or fat the rest is 70 oat meal. They are so good! I wish you could have these!
I hope you got the email from Acorn Tv concerning the quilter's sewing machine tea pot in their shop. Thought you may like it .

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for the quilters tea pot just in case !!

Helen said...

love love love the polkadot garden quilt thanks for sharing

Janet said...

I love the Polka dot quilt. I'm not sure way but I love circles in quilts. Can't wait to see your new quilts. Just love your fabric lines.
Looking forward to the REd White and Blue summer.

audrey said...

Love this quilt! It's just beautiful.:)

Sharon said...

I love the way that top turned out. So cool…
Looking forward to the new fabric line!

MMorton said...

Hi Laurie,
Will the reds, blues, and neutrals in your new Polka Dots & Paisleys collection go well with those in your "old" Wiscasset collection?

In 2010, I made all the blocks for a BOM quilt (Vintage Memories by This & That) at the quilt shop in Bath, ME, just down the road from the town of Wiscasset. Interestingly enough, the fabrics they chose were your Wiscasset line!

Now, five years later, I'm in Texas trying to finish that quilt. Have it all sewn together except for the 6" wide outer border. Wanted a larger floral for that and actually found Wiscasset Main Street Navy online...I love it, but to me, the color in the flower looks very pink against the inner border of red polka dots and other red fabrics in the blocks. Have it on design wall and am trying to get used to it, but I think I'd prefer something more definitely red. Trying to tell from Moda's site whether the colors in PD&P (beautiful) will play well together with Wiscasset. Since it won't be in stores for several months I am in a quandry...should I finish up now or wait and see?

Can't wait to see other quilts you're making from this new line!

Saundra said...

I'd have purchased a couple of those socks as I'd want a pair to keep and a pair to wear. Looking forward to seeing your sale unfold and will post about it on my blog as well.


Janet said...

I already have Polka Dot Garden on my Pinterest page! Love it and the PD&P line, too! Looking forward to your June event :-)

suz said...

love this new quilt. looking forward to the summer

Robin said...

I am from Northern Indiana and we visit Detroit often. I love that mural. Pretty quilt and good ideas for the summer. I'll keep an eye out for it.

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