Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Installment of the Austin Bluebird Sampler

This has been my project the last couple of days.  This is the appliqué block from Month 4 of the Austin Bluebird Sampler quilt.  I am re-making this quilt in my blue scraps.  The pieced blocks are quite easy, flying geese and half-square triangles (I'll show those soon).  This part of the installment gets the most questions.  In particular - the wreath.  It's very easy.  It is the first thing you appliqué.

Using the template provided in the pattern you draw a circle onto freezer paper and then iron the freezer paper onto the right side of the wreath fabric.  You cut out the green circle (or dark blue in my case) and center it onto your 19" square background fabric.

Appliqué the circle down leaving openings at the dots.  You can find these "dots" by laying a ruler corner to corner of the block and where the ruler touches the circle - these are your dots.

Using the template provided, press the smaller freezer paper circle template back onto the green circle and draw around this freezer paper template.  Trim the green center circle 1/8" away from your drawn line (being careful not to cut into the background block).  Applique the inner wreath making sure to leave openings at North, South, East, and West on your circle for the birds feet to tuck under.
Once you have this sewn, you can appliqué the birds (tucking their feet into the openings that you left) and the leaves and berries.  The last thing is to sew the cherry stems using a stem stitch and 12wt thread - or floss.

Here are all the parts of Month 4 - along with the Months 1-3.......

As you can see - it is still in chunks.  Once I get to Month 6 - this will be in one piece and will complete the left side of the quilt.  That genius construction is from Lisa C.  I drew this pattern out and appliquéd all the blocks of the original quilt.  Leigh Ann pitched in and pieced many of the blocks.  Lisa looked at my drawing and figured out how to break up the construction into months.  And month after month is added to what you previously have - so by the time you get to Month 11 - your quilt is in 2 pieces - and you only have one seam to sew.  This quilt will never hang around in your closet or your shelves among the WIP's.  It will finish quickly.

Have you heard about this?

The next blog post on Friday will be written by someone else.  Come back to see who.




Quilting by the Lake said...

I really love this blue and white version!!!!! So tempted now to do this....I'm a "kit" person...if you had a blue and white kit....I'd be after it!

Tina said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial! I really appreciate it. Also, I really love how pretty the Austin Bluebird Sampler looks in your blue fabrics!!

Aunt TC said...

I didn't see where I could sign up for your blog posts to be sent to my email address. Plesae advise. Thanks.

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