Sunday, March 29, 2015

Polka Dots And Paisleys Winner

The winner of the Polka Dots and Paisleys Jelly Roll™is....


I've emailed Sandy.  Congrats!

For all of you who have joined out BOM Austin Bluebird Sampler Club - or all of you who bought the Austin Bluebird Sampler KITS - I posted some yardage yesterday in out Etsy store.  If you are looking for backing for your quilt - I have these options....

Indigo and white floral

Blue and gold paisley 

Blue solid

Red geometric


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Polka Dots And Paisleys

Lookie what we have!

Ooooh, a bandana cheater cloth!

We are making quilts with this new collection! The Moda salesmen are showing it to your quilt shops right now.  We never have enough polka dots, or paisleys.

There will be more to show soon.

Comment here on this post before Saturday March 28th at midnight - and you could win the Polka Dot and Paisley Jelly Roll™.  Comment on polka dots, or paisleys, or moving, or having your sewing stash reduced down to one box of fabric, or only having 3 pairs of shoes in your closet. THREE.  Or comment about anything at all.

P.S.  For all of you locals who do charity quilts - be they Quilts of Honor, Quilts of Valor, or any charitable organization - I have a 52lb box of Polka Dot and Paisley scraps.  Art teachers - this is your chance. Email me at and we'll arrange a pick-up.

Thanks everyone - the fabric has been claimed.



Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone - Irish or not.  Polly and I are 100% Irish. Irish American.  That is assuming you can believe all the family stories. (and being Irish - those stories tend to be a little exaggerated).  Anyway, we can call Ireland our ancestral home.  Have a great day!
Clifden Castle 

Have you seen these fabulous new videos by the Fat Quarter Shop featuring our fellow Moda designer - Jen Kingwell?  We love Jen and her work.  What is NOT to love? She uses great fabric and thread and she is a champion of handwork. Go Jen!

 Preview YouTube video Quilting with Aurifil 12 weight and 50 weight thread by Jen Kingwell - Fat Quarter ShopQuilting with Aurifil 12 weight and 50 weight thread by Jen Kingwell - Fat Quarter Shop

Preview YouTube video Learn to Quilt As You Go by Jen Kingwell - Fat Quarter ShopLearn to Quilt As You Go by Jen Kingwell - Fat Quarter Shop

Preview YouTube video How to Baste and Hand Quilt with Aurifil 12 weight by Jen Kingwell - Fat Quarter ShopHow to Baste and Hand Quilt with Aurifil 12 weight by Jen Kingwell - Fat Quarter Shop

I can't wait to try the cross stitch hand quilting! I love everything about these tutorials and I am heartened that I use the same tools and techniques as Jen.  All except the "sans hoop" part.  I need a hoop.  Obviously Jen does not - it doesn't matter, as she says - it's all what works for you.

I am looking forward to my next hand quilting project.  I will be using Aurifil 12wt thread to quilt this.  You might even find a couple cross stitches in it by the time I'm done.  Thanks for the inspiration Jen.



Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Month 2 of Austin Bluebird Sampler

Here I am to give a few tips on Month 2 of the Austin Bluebird Sampler.  This is what Month 2 is....

It's pretty basic.  There is a simple star with flying geese and a monkey wrench block with half square triangles.  There are 2 small quarter square triangle blocks, so far nothing that isn't simple.
We also have the flag block.  Here is what I did for my blue and white version (the original is just like the picture above).
I am working out of one box of scraps and options are limited. (this moving thing has been a challenge).  I had a small piece of this star fabric from Indigo Crossing and I'm using it instead of the appliquéd stars.  But, no worries...... here is one of my many, many, many appliquéd stars I have done.
I have used the template in Month 2 and traced my star onto the light fabric.  I cut out with an 1/8" seam allowance.  If you are new to appliqué, I think one of the first problems you might encounter is the seam allowance.  Most people want to cut a more generous seam allowance.  It's hard to get used to, but you really need an 1/8".  Any bigger and your seam allowance won't turn under smoothly.  You will have sharp angles and bumps on your edges.  This little seam allowance makes for smooth edges.  Take care not to handle it much after this so you won't have your edges unravel.  I have glue basted this star down onto the background with just a dot or two of basting glue.  You only need a tiny dot. (and it will eventually all wash out).

Next, I clip the seam allowance at all the inside points.  One clip, and right up to the drawn line.

I start on the flat side (or the flattest you can find) and work from right to left.  I'm right handed.  I take small stitches, turn the seam allowance as I go. Don't worry about anything except for the space of 2-3 stitches in front of the needle - that is all you need to turn at a time.  Notice that my stars have rounded points.  This is on purpose.  I find rounded shapes easier to appliqué than points.  Especially when they are small like this.  If you look at all my quilts - all the stars have rounded points.  

When I get to the inside point, I take 2 small stitches to secure it.

All finished!

This is another project I have been working on.  It's called Polka Dot Garden.  We will have this pattern ready next month.

This was a total scrap quilt.  And it you're wondering..... I still have lots of scraps left.



Saturday, March 7, 2015

Remember Me?

Yes, it's been awhile.  Things here have been a bit goofy.  There has been a lot of packing, de-cluttering, and recycling to thrift stores.  I wish it were more exciting, but it isn't.  All I know is that I hope this stage is temporary and we move soon. Unfortunately that can't happen until we sell this place.  Oh well, you know how it goes.

Also, my iPhone died and had to be replaced.  I googled the symptoms of my sick phone and you know what came up? "The Blue Screen Of Death". Yes, that pretty much summed it up.  In the midst of all that - I lost all the pictures on my iPhone.  It seems Life is trying to teach me a lesson. No pictures.  No clutter. No fabric and sewing notions.....  (I packed away 99.9% of all of that and am working out of ONE BOX of fabric and thread, people!)   This monastic life is sure a challenge.

No other news, except Polly and I have been inundated with lovely emails this week.  All of the people who are in our Austin Bluebird BOM (that quickly sold out last year - and thus The  Moda Kits happened! ) were treated to some gifts this month.  Suffice to say, our Minick and Simpson followers are the nicest people in the world.  Thank you everyone!

But what is a Minick and Simpson Blog post with out crooked, slightly out of focus pictures?!?!

Here is what I have collected on the new iPhone this week.  You're welcome!

 This is one of the TWO storage units being packed by yours truly. All of my sewing stuff is in there somewhere.
 Yes, it's still cold. Damn cold.  But the fashion choices just keep getting better.

 This is but a smidgen of my newest quilt.  I'll have more soon on this one.

 These are my NEW GLASSES! They are getting lenses in them right now.  I hope to have these back very, very soon.
 Frigid temperatures you say? How about a salad? This one was on the menu all last week. Watercress, oranges, avocado, and a shallot vinaigrette. Yum.

 This was one whole day of misguided sewing.  It's lovely, but it will not work for the quilt.  Do not be surprised if you see this used someday - in this form or a slightly altered one.  Waste not, want not.  There is quite a large pile of these miscreant squares.
These are much more suitable..........



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