Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bluebirds Are Here

A little Bluebird told me these shipped to me last week and an email from UPS confirms that they will land on my porch tomorrow.  The complete Austin Bluebird Sampler Kits are here!  I just added them to our Etsy store in 2 forms - the kit as you see here - which makes this quilt...

Or the SUPER KIT, as I call it - which has the above boxed kit AND the 12 spools of Aurifil Thread   to go with it.

Pretty exciting.  Thanks Lissa for shooting me the picture, and thanks Susan for designing that super cool kit box.

In other news, we are getting along fine here.  We've become accustomed to winter and are spending our evenings bundled up drinking tea, watching British tv, and working on quilts of course.

This project has consumed me in the last couple weeks, but it now has to go back on the shelf as I work on more pressing projects.
I happily stitch in each square as British murder mysteries flash by on the tv.

This is what the back looks like.  It must look like chaos to you machine piecers.  To hand piecers.... not so much.

It looks a bit better after it's pressed.

This eventually will be the start of another quilt, but it will be awhile before I can work on it again.

I hope to have more pictures soon of other works in progress.


P.S.   The wonderful staff at Moda Fabrics is looking through the warehouse today.  IF there are any extra kit boxes..... the loyal people who signed up last year for the Austin Bluebird Block Of The Month will each be getting a BOX.  IF.....  I'll know more later.



Unknown said...

Is there any plan for the BOM group to receive a Austin Bluebird Box? As a group that is working on the BOM from your website, we love "the box"! Please reply.

Sherri said...

I ordered just the pattern because I have so many scraps of your fabrics...but now I am so wishing I had ordered the kit...just to get that box!!!

Susan said...

WOW! That is the start of a BEAUTIFUL quilt! I love it!

Bev said...

Just curious. I am doing the BOM of this quilt and it's quite a bit more money than the kit you are selling in your Etsy shop. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Love that Bluebird kit box! Winters in Michigan, British tv and hand sewing really do go quite nicely don't they?

Anonymous said...

I took your link and signed up to Acorn TV . I have been laughing my head off with Dirk Gently amateur detective.. I love your super kit I hope you have one by the 21rst of Feb my b day in which Im thinking of getting one. I like your quilt in the making as well, and thinking if you tried to say you were working on pressing more projects, or on more pressing projects? LOL

Tazzie said...

Oh my goodness, gorgeous! On all counts!

MJinMichigan said...

Love the Austin Bluebird box but I'm in your BOM so won't get one:-(. Is there any chance I could buy one from you?
I also love the new quilt you are working on. Will that be a pattern someday or is it just a personal quilt?

Carol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carol said...

I am also doing the BOM but love the box and hope there will be plenty for those of us who started earlier. Maybe they could make more if they don't have enough!.....just hoping!

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