Saturday, December 26, 2015

Holiday Week Wind-Down

Are you still a bit woozy from wrapping paper explosions and cookie eating?  Things have simmered down here quickly and I plan on spending the next few days stitching and video watching.  Santa delivered here a few days early and I've been playing with this the last couple of days.
Yep - a new sewing machine - a JUKI TL2010Q.  I used it a bit on a quilt retreat this summer and I liked it.  Since my Featherweight is looking like it might not last much longer - this is the 21st century version of a simple, straight stitching machine.  I'm very happy.

I also found out my most favorited photos of 2015.  Yep, that pretty much sums up the year.

Besides taking a few slow days of stitching - I know that 2016 is quickly here and that means taxes, paperwork, and the dreaded "inventory."  Do you want to help me with the last item?  I certainly would rather send an item to you than have it hang around for the "counting".  So, between now and midnight of New Year's Eve - everything in our Etsy store is 30% off.  All you need to do is use this coupon code when you check out -


Happy Holidays and have a great 2016!



Thursday, December 24, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Colors of the Year - 2016

Have you seen all the hubbub about Pantone's™ pick for color of the year?  First of all - they picked 2 colors instead of 1.

There was much love AND hate spewed over the choices.  What do I think? I Think that it was certainly a better choice than last year, and I happen to love me some blue and pink -  But hey, who cares what I think.  I do know that these 2 colors will feature in one of our upcoming projects this year - mixed all in with our red, whites, and blues.  While working on this top secret project (to be unveiled this spring) - we have a bit of fabric left over to share.

I have cut a few fat quarter bundles of the Serenity/Bliss color combo.  You can find them here in our etsy store!  And as you probably know - it's all Moda - all the time.



Monday, December 14, 2015

All In A Row - and Lots More

Do you need a last minute gift? Do you need a little inspiration?  The Moda All-Stars All in a Row book is now available from Martingale Publishing.  You can make one row like my sand pail table runner here - or you can put lots and lots together to make your own All In A Row quilt.  Remember, all royalties from the sale of this book go to No Kid Hungry.

Have you got all your holiday ducks in a row?  I'm working on it.  The tree is up.  Unfortunately, any picture I take - it seems all I can see is the wires from the lights.  Sigh.

Other creative stuff is happening here and, of course, I can't show you yet.  All I can say is that the scraps that have been "created" by this flurry of rotary cutters and needles will stock my scrap bin for years.

I went out of my comfort zone and even tried a 3-dimensional sewing project.  This is the start of  the Maker's Tote by Noodlehead.
 That stitching that's around the zipper?....... it's hand sewn.  After ripping out machine top-stitching for a third time - I tried something more familiar.

I need to get back to making more scraps, but I'll leave you with this.  It's my new favorite winter salad.
Heirloom naval oranges just came back to my local market.  How good are they?  It's like they are oranges to the power of 10.  This salad is sliced heirloom naval oranges, diced celery, julienned celery root, and minced parsley.  The dressing is:

1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon apple juice or cider
1 tablespoon apple vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper to taste



Friday, December 4, 2015


Thank you everyone!  The winner of the Frivol tin 2 - the Minick and Simpson's Polka Dots and Paisleys -

The Girlfriend Gap

email me at and I'll get your Frivol out to you asap!



Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Gifts in a Jiffy - Part II

We have your back here at Moda.  You want the perfect gift for a quilter - or non quilter?? Look no further than FRIVOLS!

This is Frivol #2 - the Polka Dot and Paisley Frivol by yours truly.  Look how nicely it plays with the next Minick and Simpson collection - Miss Scarlet.

But I digress..... You want a gift for a quilter - The Frivol all packaged up in it's tin box is practically irresistible.  Seriously, have you picked one up yet? It is quite satisfying to hold in your hands and imagine ripping open the cellophane and getting down to business.

Do you need a gift for a non-quilter?  You have time to MAKE the quilt inside the irresistible tin - and gift the complete quilt.

I'm starting one today......  
YOU can start one next week - We are here to help with your holiday gifting - just comment here about Frivols, gifts, gifting, Holidays, or whatever - and make your comment before midnight Friday December 4th - and this will be sent right out to you. Plenty of time.  



Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gifts in a Jiffy

I have a couple ideas for hand-made, hand-sewn Holiday gifts.  I bringing back this oldie, but goodie.This was our Wool Penny Rug Table Runner that came out with the Independence Trail wools.

I realized today that the size of this runner - 16" x 27" is not only quick to stitch up - I have a whole other way to go with it.

I have some of the Moda Toweling in my stash that is finished at 16" wide!!!!! Yep - it's all ready to go - just hem the other 2 sides - or add these stitched "tongues" like the original.  There are many different options and colors of Moda Toweling.  I'll list these 2 options in our Etsy shop.

You can of course use wool like the original.  You can also stitch up your wool scraps on toweling for the appliqué.  Me?  I have lots and lots of cotton scraps - so that will be the new version of this table runner.
I'm auditioning a few right now.  

Here is the pattern download.....
Here is the blue stripe on natural.....   Here is the white stripe on Natural

Hope you have lots of time to start and finish some hand made gifts.  


Sunday, November 22, 2015


I've been ticking things off my eternal "to-do" list.  Most of my responsibilities have been fulfilled and I'm free to work on future projects.  Some are top-secret for the time being.  Appliquéing some large stars might, or might not, be part of one of these projects.......

Filling up the odd moment will these perpetual 3" Lemoyne stars is always satisfying. Even when some people think it's proof of something off-kilter in my demeanor.

Are travel plans in your near future? Polly and I just got back from New York City for a quick visit.  We were too early this year for most of the holiday windows, but the good news was -  the weather was perfect.
This 5 foot tall planter was just outside the door at John Derian's in the bowery.  What a lovely shop. Hope your travel plans go on without a hitch.

We've been thinking about all of you.  You have many things that tug at your free time, yet you seem to keep checking in on us to see what we've been up to.  We appreciate it.  Your time is especially dear this time of year when social and family responsibilities take up much of your day. We can relate.  Besides all of this quilt and fabric hoo-ha, we are also women with families.  Your support is fantastic.  In honor of that, we want you to know everything in our Etsy store is on sale until Thanksgiving day.  Just add the coupon code - THANKS to your order and receive 20% off. (I believe you have to add THANKS all in capital letters for the code to work).  For all you do - get a gift for yourself this holiday season.  



Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hope you are all well and have lots of stitching projects ready for the winter months. (Hope you have some projects ready too - you folks in the Southern Hemisphere)
I love using Karen Kay Buckley's circle templates for appliqué, but I dropped a couple this week in the studio.  I'm still looking for them.  If I knew how much I would be using them I might have picked out a different shade of carpet.

This is what I made this morning and no circle templates were used or lost in the process.....

These were featured in the Moda Home booth at International Quilt Market last month.  It's a handy dandy fabric bin that collapses flat for storage and travel (another nifty thing to pack for a quilting retreat).  I always need a little bin next to me when I'm stitching for threads and scraps too tiny to save. (Granted, there aren't many too tiny to save when you are an appliquér)

This is the pattern for it.  It takes 1 fat quarter of fabric, fusible interfacing if necessary (I didn't use any for this cotton-linen blend), and 4 safety pins.  Included in the pattern are the directions, the spring that makes it all work, the label, and the elastic band that holds it together when it is flat.
Nifty. We have a few of them in our Etsy store.

Polly and I are off on a little trip tomorrow.



Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Miss Scarlet All In A Row

I know I didn't get great pictures of the Miss Scarlet quilts yet.  We didn't have a whole lot of room to hang them in Houston and only a couple got highlighted.  I managed to get these tonight before the sunset. (Daylight savings time kind of sneaks up on you).  Without further ado...

This is Glad Tidings.  We think she's perfect for a holiday wall hanging or table cloth.  Glad Tidings measures 52" square.

Next to her is Polly's Stars and Stripes.  This is our adaption of an antique crib quilt.  It is made with 1 Jelly Roll™, 1 Charm Pack™, and 2 fat quarters.  How nifty is that?  Polly's Stars and Stripes is 37" square.

Fitzgerald is my attempt at an antique reproduction.  We all might not be able to purchase an antique red and white quilt, but we can make a reproduction of one. All that white space is ideal for some fancy quilting. Fitzgerald measures 72 1/2" x 87" perfect for a twin or full size bed.  Last, but not least is Patty's Posies.  She has been shown before.  We love her and I think you will too.  The half square triangles measure 1 1/2" and are a breeze with Spinning Star piecing papers.  The appliqué is all circles, leaves, and a vine.  It went together much faster than we anticipated.

Look what the UPS guy brought today! The Bella Solid Moda Match Maker.  This tool has all the Bella Solids in an easy to use format.  Each swatch pulls out to let you match with other Bella Solids or your own fabrics.  On the back of each swatch is all the info you need to find the Bella in quilt shops.  You really won't know how you lived without it.
We have a few of them in our Etsy store.



Monday, November 2, 2015

Winner of Miss Scarlet Cap Sets!

Good morning and Happy November!

Hope you are had a good trick or treating.  No big activities here - except this quilt came out to visit.
This is my Halloween quilt from the book Modern Primitive Quilts.  

Now on to what you are waiting for.... The winner of the Miss Scarlet cap sets is.....


Caro has already been emailed.  Thanks for all the nice things you said about Miss Scarlet.  

I also want to let you know that I got in some more fabric and that means that we have 5 more Polka Dot Garden kits in our etsy store.



Thursday, October 29, 2015

Miss Scarlet

We are swimming in red and white possibilities.  These are the cap sets from International Quilt Market of Miss Scarlet.  Miss Scarlet is posing on top of our quilt Glad Tidings.

Are you in the mood for a give-away?  Comment about Miss Scarlet, red and white, possible quilts, or anything at all, and this Miss Scarlet cap set could be yours.  How much fabric is here? I would say way more than a Layer Cake  Some of these pieces are bigger than a fat quarter and some are smaller, but I would guess that total yardage would be about the same as a Fat Quarter Bundle.

Along with Miss Scarlet I will send you a Moda tote bag and some other goodies stuffed inside.  Make your comment before midnight Sunday November 1st and you could win.

Some other things are starting to arrive from Quilt Market.  You know we stock notions that we love and we found a couple more that I think you cannot live without.

 This is an OLFA rotary cutting mat that folds in half.  It's just the right size for travel or quilt retreats.    It will fit perfectly into a tote bag or carry-on bag.  We love it!  You can find it HERE.

We also found these tiny travel ready lamps.  You know you need one.  There is never enough light in your hotel room - or for that matter in the airport.  It's battery operated and has a USB cord.
It will fold up to fit in your purse.  Hooray! You can find it HERE.

Let us know what you think of Miss Scarlet - she will be in shops in March of 2016.



Tuesday, October 27, 2015

After The Storm

It takes more than a hurricane to stop the quilt industry.  We came, we bought, we sold, we networked.  Fall Quilt Market 2015 was a success.

We even had a celebration.  Congratulations to the Dunn Family and to our extended Moda Family - for 40 great years!

And now - let us introduce Miss Scarlet

The applique quilt with the triangle center is called Patty's Posies.  It is now available for sale in our Etsy store. The little quilt on the bottom is called Polly's Stars and Stripes. It's there too!
This quilt is called Fitzgerald.  Last, but not least is Glad Tidings.
All 4 are available in paper form - and here are the links to the downloads - Patty's Posies Download   Polly's Stars and Stripes Download     Fitzgerald Download    Glad Tidings Download

Also fresh from Houston are 2 more patterns that we re-stocked - Mrs. Billings is now in stock as is Star A Day - both from Somerset Patchwork.

Thanks for stopping by.



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Final Prep

The last binding has been sewn on a new batch of quilts.
As you can see I rely on the old school method of throwing the binding onto the floor, just to my right, as I stitch it on the quilt.  

My bags will be packed again tomorrow and I anxiously await my alter ego "Quilt Show Laurie" to arrive.  She is less of a hermit than regular Laurie and she likes to wear new shoes.

My trip to Southern California was great fun and the charming ladies of the Flying Geese Quilt Guild sure know how to make someone feel welcome.  After a great day teaching, we did a little road trip and saw these beauties at Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop.

Polka Dots and Paisleys mixing all up with lots of other luscious fabric! 

Next we headed to Temecula and visited The Wool Lady......
and the Temecula Quilt Company.  Fine establishments all around and I ended up buying lovely things.
The last stop of the day was the Fat Quarter Quilt Shop.  I wish I had a good photo.... but just take my word for it - it's a wonderful shop.

Soon I was back home finishing up all the new quilts for International Quilt Market.  This was in my quilting hoop 2 nights ago.  It's finished and ready to pack.

Can I say it's my favorite group so far? Really.  

I hope to post from Houston.  I'll have an honest-to-god, real laptop with me and the internet better watch out!  As always, follow me on Instagram for more immediate fabric thrills.  



Friday, October 9, 2015

Have Quilts - Will Travel

The 3 suitcases on the floor are packed with quilts.  The little suitcase on the cutting table will hold my clothes.  I'm packing for a little jaunt to the west coast this weekend.  I'll be at the Flying Geese Quilt Guild in Irvine California for a class and a trunk show.  Maybe I'll see you there!

The pre-market work goes on.  Fabric has been received and it is being transformed into quilts.  I can't show a lot yet - but here is a hint.....

 This is the selvedge from one of the fabrics

It won't be long before you get to see it all....

What else has been taking up my time here?  Shoe shopping.  I succumbed to these.  I did need boots - and these called out to me.
 They are functional, well made boots.  As for the rest,  I guess I'm not handling middle age as well as I should. My inner pre-teen is enjoying the heck out of these boots. The Michigan weather is doing it's part too. Very soon it will be boots all day long.

And Quilt Market means new shoes too - and the next couple of weeks I will break these in.  You never want to go to Market in BRAND NEW shoes.  Long days on your feet need well broken in shoes.

This arrived this week - the new issue of Simply Moderne - the Quiltmania magazine dedicated to modern quilting.  I was honored they chose Polka Dot Garden to be in the magazine and they published a lovely photograph.  I hope to have more of these kits available soon.  I am still waiting for some fabric to ship - and when I get back from Quilt Market at the end of the month they should be in our Etsy shop.

This is what the cover looks like.  You can find it at quilt shops and book stores.



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