Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Restocked - Refreshed

Polly and I took a little respite and had some Holiday fun. I'll post a couple of pictures below, but first I want to tell you that we have restocked some hand quilting tools in our Etsy store.

We have more hoops, thread kits and Tulip Hiroshima needles.  We also have added some new things.

Whenever I show something I hand quilt - we have questions about how to mark.  Here are some of my favorite tools....

While I love the Sewline Mechanical pencils for marking piecing lines and quilting lines, I love this pencil when you need to mark a white line.  Sometimes nothing but a white line will do and these chalk pencils from General are my favorite.  They mark easily on fabric so a light hand is all you need.  Chalk pencils, of all kinds, are rather fragile so try not to drop them.  A hand held sharpener is all you need to keep them sharp.  If you like these - you will want a lot of them.  We are selling them in the box - so you will get one dozen pencils.  I think they will ship better that way and you will never want for a white chalk pencil.  You can find them HERE in our Etsy store.

We are also stocking the Hera marker.
This guy is great!  If you want to mark straight lines on your quilt - this is the way to go.  It looks like a butter knife, doesn't it?  It is used with an acrylic ruler and you run this along the side of the ruler much like a rotary cutter.  What is does is leave a sharp crease as your quilting line.  No chalk, no pencil marks - nothing to wash out.  The creases naturally fall out in a couple of days with no one the wiser.  Originally these were Japanese tailoring tools.  It is brilliant in it's simplicity.  Everyone needs one.

I am itching to use these and all my other tools.  I am mourning the completion of Mrs. Billings and I need a new insane, long commitment project.  I think I'm going to try to design one of my own.

In the meantime - here are some photos of Polly's and my 2 day excursion to New York City.
This awful photo is the best I could do in a speeding cab zipping through Central Park. One of the iconic horse drawn carriages.

If one must stop shopping and get a much needed caffeine break - the new best place is Ralph's. By Ralph Lauren, of course.

Holiday windows are tough to photograph.  There is a whole lot going on and there is the problem of the glare from the glass.  Just know that the windows at Bergdorf's are practically worth the trip to New York themselves. Each window was a tribute to a specific art - this one is architecture - and each window was a color. Blue of course, for this one.  They were stunning and inspiring.

A trip to NYC in December is not complete without watching all the tourists taking horrible falls on the rink at Rockefeller Center.  We were spared the chill and the injuries by just watching while having lunch with a friend.

Well, it's not Moda fabric, but it's the iconic Liberty of London fabric all lined up in pretty rows at Purl-Soho.  Inspiring all the same.

The store was selling clothing.  For young people. But who cares when they have the sense to decorate so sublimely.

This is one of Polly's and my favorite guilty pleasures in New York.  The Kinokuniya Bookstore across from Bryant Park.  Books, of course - many of those fabulous Japanese craft books that I am entranced by. But that isn't all that is here, beautiful stationary and the most amazing stash of Japanese office/art supplies you will ever see.  Pink and blue polka dot mechanical pencils? They got you covered.  Washi tape - aisles of it.  You cannot leave here uninspired.

This was my craft book purchase (like I need another one). Not one word in English, but lots of great diagrams.  Coin purses in every possible way.  Oh my.




Sharon said...

I just love the store windows in NYC….my daughter lives there so I've been able to see them in person.

I understand the feelings you have after the completion of a BIG project. I find myself wondering "What Next?"

Anonymous said...

How very nice your 2 days together. Enjoy and treasure your picture because the new mayor of NY wants to stop and remove all horse and buggy rides.. Who knows why ? It is a reason for going to Central Park.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

What a fabulous trip! I love the photos~ that window is just amazing.. I would probably freeze to the sidewalk checking them all out! LOL Thanks for the great marking tips too. I love my Hera marker. :-)

Sherrill said...

When I was in LA while my DH had his 2nd brain surgery (which eventually took his life), I saw that same window display with all the sewing machines not far from Cedar Sinai. Quite impressive.

Carrie said...

LOL I meant to ask you if you'd made it to Kinokuniya! I'm so glad you did - and that you enjoy it so much. (I still sometimes feel a little guilty... it's that whole enabling-thing.)

Designing a project that will keep you busy for awhile is a perfect idea! Genius! :)

I'm glad you and the sister had such a grand time in NYC. One of these days...

Carrie said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for sharing your trip to NY. I loved all you pictures. Looks like you had a grand time in a grand city

Donna said...

Oh, what fun, thank you for sharing!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

looks like a fabulous trip - I have seen photos of the store with all the sewing machines there is one in London also I believe. Just ordered your Crazy for Reds and have the perfect quilt planned for them

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