Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Few WIP's For Wednesday

It's seems like bad form to keep apologizing every time I make a blog post, but I'm doing it again.  It has been too long.

There has been a lot of catching up on projects, planning new ones, and basically just getting all my ducks in a row...

My drafting table has been getting a work out and I have some fun new projects planned when our new fabric lands on our doorstep.  Whee!

Here is how I have been spending my evenings after all the "work" has been done....

The end to Mrs. Billings is fast approaching.  I have half of the last border done.  

This is exactly how I left it last night before I went to bed.  No cleaning up work areas to take pictures! No, not me! This is the real world.  Notice the polka dotted quilt over the sofa so doggie nails don't puncture the leather.  I'm very anxious to get Mrs. Billings finished, yet and I am very sad to see this journey end.  It's been great fun.

I put on the border to the Love Letters quilt and it's ready to go to Kari to baste it for me.  I'll have another hand quilting project for these winter evenings.  Let me tell ya - there may not be a better enticement to hand quilt a quilt than the polar vortex.

This quilt was designed by our colleagues Barb and Alma of Blackbird Designs.  The pattern is in the book When The Cold Wind Blows.  Pretty fitting.  These sad photos are by me on this cold, snowy day.

I used a black fabric from our Bar Harbor line and some turkey reds from the Howard Marcus collection Friendship. I also used some other turkey reds, blues and yellows from a long gone Windham Fabrics collection.  I just need to piece the back.  This quilt is pretty big.

Also - We are going to be having a sale in our Etsy Store on Cyber Sunday and Monday.  Everything there will be 20% off for those 2 days.  It might be nice to stock up on hoops, needles, and patterns before the next snow storm.




karen @ badlandsquilts said...

It is so neat to see the finished Love Letters top. I loved it so much while you were working on it that I when I started a needle turn applique class last month I had to look it up. I am shrinking one of the simpler blocks to make a pillow for my class project.

paulette said...

It is STUNNING!! Way to go, Laurie!!

Jenny M said...

A great pattern by the Blackbird Design ladies and love the colours you have used for your stunning quilt top!

Anonymous said...

I love the oranges, reds and yellows on blue and black. They remind me of a bright orangy sunset over the grayish blue sea ...I may try sail boats in those colors ..Happy Thanksgiving Laure.

antique quilter said...

love your choice of colors for this quilt
beautiful. Kathie

Sharon said...

I am a fan of Blackbird Designs, and love your take on their Love Letters pattern. Your color choices are just beautiful!

Unknown said...

I have made the pattern Love Letters twice. Something that I have never done before. One was like they showed in the book. The other super bright that I saw on Pinterest. Now seeing yours colors it makes me want to do it again. I was hoping they would come out with a new book this market, but sadly no. I may have to get my books out and fine a different pattern from them to make with your colors. Thanks for sharing.

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