Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Speedy Version of Quilt Market

We're Back! It was fun, it was dramatic, and no permanent physical damage occurred. What else could you ask for?

Remember how I said I would take pictures? You can imagine how that went.  If I wasn't too busy to take pictures, I was too exhausted. Or laughing too hard.  It was grand.

Here we are unpacking. Thrilling isn't it.
We then had a "Schoolhouse" where we GOT COMFY WITH MODA. Pajamas were worn in public.

Later that evening was Sample Spree where the elegant Mr. Veronelli was supplying all our needs for Aurifil thread.  

There was a rumor that started here.  Something about me, a physical altercation, and bundles of Moda Fabric. It isn't true.  The true story is boring.  I slipped in the shower and thus greeted lots and lots of customers all weekend with a shiner. It was a doozy. 
I'm fine. It doesn't hurt at all and I was seen by a doctor. End of story.
All it is now is the start of the best Halloween costume ever.  I haven't decided if I should be Evel Kneivel or an eggplant.  But back to what we went to Houston for........

I took this photo from the Fat Quarter Shop who attended our Schoolhouse.  It actually is the best photo (color and texture) of our new Austin Bluebird Sampler quilt.  Thanks!  

This quilt, either in a large kit - or broken up into a Block Of The Month - will soon be appearing in all your favorite quilt shops.

We are also going to have THIS in our Easy store!

It the Austin Bluebird Sampler Aurifil Thead Kit. It has 6 colors - each in 2 different weights. 50wt for piecing and appliqué and 12wt for embroidery and big stitch hand quilting.  The 12 spool kit is here.  We have a very limited supply, but more are on their way.

And for all of you who patiently waited, we have a new supply of Mrs. Billings Coverlet patterns and kits!  Some other great hand piecing patterns from Somerset Patchwork are here too.  

Oh, I almost forgot. I have 2 little packages of goodies that I brought home from Houston.  Comment here and you could win some special things from Moda and Aurifil.  We'll pick 2 winners on Saturday November 1st.  


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's That Time Of Year

My bags are packed and we have an early flight into Houston tomorrow morning.  It's always fun to go to quilt market! We see friends we see only in convention halls. We catch up on all the news with other friends and colleagues.  It's hectic, it's noisy, and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

These preceding weeks have been even more crazy than usual.  That's saying a lot.  We are offering our first Block Of The Month to shop owners.  If you are a shop owner, make sure to stop by our booth and our Schoolhouse - for the Austin Bluebird Sampler Block of The Month. (Our Schoolhouse is in room 352E at 2:50 pm on Friday October 24th)

Getting ready for this big event was kind of stressful..... there was time spent with rulers, and calculators and other horrible stuff.  If that wasn't enough. I was stupid enough to download a new operating system for my computer last night.  Oy.  I'm grateful that I could figure out enough to post this.  I still can't download half of my photos - nor do I know exactly where they are. All this stress was helped by a little surprise gift in the mail - a spooky cookie. Thanks, Guys!

I'd post a good picture of The Austin Bluebird Sampler, but....... I'm having issues.

 I did manage to find this picture!  Not only will we have the Austin Bluebird to offer to your favorite quilt shop - we have this awesome Aurifil Thread kit.  It has all the colors you need in 50wt for piecing and appliqué - and 12wt for embroidery and quilting.   

We'll be taking lots more pictures in Houston.  Watch for them on Instagram. You can see our instagram photos by clicking on the camera icon over on the left.  

Your favorite quilt shops will start offering the Austin Bluebird in both complete kits - and in a Block of The Month.  They are all available after the 1st of the year. More info from market to follow.....



Saturday, October 18, 2014

Makin' It Cute Winner

The "Makin it Cute winner is…. JANET.

Janet has already been contacted.  Thanks everyone!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Makin' It Cute

Our friends over at The Fat Quarter Shop and our friends Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister have asked to join them for Makin' It Cute!

This arrived last week in the mail….

This little pattern is to make a Makin' It Cute heart!  Let me tell you how easy it is.  First of all - I made this - I am the Poster Child for easy.    2nd of all - Barb and Mary had the booth next to us at Quilt Market where they demonstrated this.  I watched them Makin' It Cute about 1000 times.  I could do it in my sleep.  Take my word for it - this is quick, easy, and will adorn just about anything you want.
First I made a quilt sandwich.  Then I traced the heart templates onto the top fabric.  Look! I actually used scraps of fabric and batting - and here's the proof.

Next I stitched inside the drawn line on my trusty little Featherweight.  Notice these are curved quilting lines.  That's a first, folks.  The only other machine quilting I have done is straight lines on a small quilt.

Then I cut out the hearts with pinking shears about 1/4" away from the stitches.
Then I went for a search of a button from my button tin.  I sewed the button on, through all the layers and it was done.  Now, what shall I adorn??

Gibby needed a little spiffing up.  If you look very close, on the right side of his nose, he has lots of stitches. (NOT from my featherweight).  He had a run in with a wire fence last week.  He's doing great.  

I would love to send this Makin' It Cute pattern, another pattern, and a Crazy For Red Layer Cake™to someone. Just comment on what you would adorn.  I'll pick a winner Saturday October 18th.  Thanks!


P.S. The winner of the Crazy For Red Fat Quarter Bundle™ from the previous post is…….. DKay.  DKay, email me HERE and I'll get it right out to you.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Most Unexciting Blog Post Ever

It's been too long since I've posted.  Way too long.  It was because I didn't have much to say.  I still don't.  You know what that means…. You get to see the last pictures taken on my iPhone.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Sewing on a binding for a little something we'll be showing at Houston in 10 days….A few eagle-eyed people who saw this photo on Instagram noticed I'm hand sewing the binding to the front.  That's because there is a little surprise on the back. 
 Because I don't have enough Red, White and Blue fabric… I had to buy some more.  This was just too sweet to pass up.  It's called Swim Team from Windham Fabrics.  Don't ask me what I'm going to do with it.  For at least a year or two, it will be just for looking at.  I know you understand this concept.  I also bought some of this……

This is also for a project that is way down the line - but I had to buy it now while it was available.  I know you understand this concept too.
 Gibby cannot believe I bought more fabric.
 This is another little project I'm working on.  Come back Wednesday to see!

 As usual, my evenings are spent putting in a few stitches into Mrs. Billings.  I'm in the home stretch.  For all of you who asked - we will have more Mrs. Billings kits when I get back from Quilt Market in Houston.  Check out our Etsy store in November - and they will be there.
These fall mornings have just been beautiful.  Bill, Gibby and I took a long walk this morning.  We walked past the Farmer's Market.  Even without vendors, it's quite inspiring.

Thank you for putting up with all my uneventful minutiae.  As a Thank You for being THERE for me… if you comment on this post you could win a Fat Quarter Bundle™ of Crazy For Red!!!!!!
Thanks!  I'll pick a winner on our next post on Wednesday!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014


We've been away too long haven't we?  The calendar has been nagging me to post, but what to do when your life is uneventful, boring, and redundant?  What could I possibly rant on about?

First of all, Today is Polly's birthday.  Everyone say Happy Birthday to Polly!  It's also the UNOFFICIAL start to Fall.  The real start was a week or so ago, but you see October on the calendar and you know it's autumn.  Polly tells a story about her birthday when she was a kid.  She is a fan of pumpkin pie and her "Birthday Cake" every year was more often a "Birthday Pumpkin Pie."
I listen to this story in horror as I would never choose a pumpkin pie over cake.  Some people who know me (and some who read this blog) know that I have ranted the past several years regarding the over-pumpkinization of our fair land. It's a ridiculous thing to get worked up over, but someone has to do it.  This is what I found at the grocery store 2 days ago…..
Dear God, no.  And looked what was keeping it company….
I have learned to avoid coffee shops this time of year because of this…...
I'm now getting horrible things like this sent to me via instagram from other like minded folk.  Thanks.  I think.

I stole this wonderful picture from the internet, but It spoke to me……..

October is also a few other things…. It's Halloween season, it's Getting Ready For Quilt Market Season , (and the reason some of your favorite quilt blogs are a bit spotty lately) and it's also Post Season Baseball.  Forgive me while I try not to have a nervous breakdown.  Go Tigers !


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